Planning on taking a Superyacht to an Extreme Destination? Read This first

With superyachts being the perfect way to travel around the world, many owners and avid charterers are likely to spend their holidays in a wide variety of exotic locations. Although places like the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are undoubtedly beautiful, those travelling to the same spots year in, year out may start looking for a change – perhaps somewhere a little bit more remote, and perhaps even a bit more challenging.

The solution in these cases is to charter a superyacht to areas like the Falklands, Antarctica or the Arctic, where spectacular vistas and unique ecology are guaranteed. A new problem arises in this, however – your typical superyacht isn’t built to navigate these tough waters, so make sure to read on to learn how you can prepare a vessel for such a rewarding expedition.

Consider how to prepare a yacht for fierce weather

The first step is to consider where exactly you want to go – are you interested in visiting the chilly Arctic areas north of Norway, or are you more interested in visiting Antarctica (particularly if it’s the last continent to cross off on your bucket list). The time of year also determines any alterations that need to be made to an existing superyacht. Or, if you’re planning on chartering, it will determine what kind of yacht you need to look for on a digital platform like Ahoy Club.

Where you want to go and when will then determine any safety and functional changes that these colder, rugged climates demand. Invariably, more equipment will be required for these trips which may in turn require that equipment be removed from the yacht so as to not cause weight issues. As an example of this, a need for increased travel range will require additional fuel – fuel reserves have the potential to be quite bulky, so replacing things from a tender bay for new fuel bladders may be a necessity. With all these extra additions, it will also be necessary redraw the vessel’s waterline.

A few other things to consider

With your yacht ready, you might be anxious to head out onto open waters. Unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet. Yacht modifications aside, there is a great deal more prep to consider before you make your big trek. In addition to finding a captain that is (very) familiar with cruising through ice, it is highly recommended to take on extra crew. Having more crew members than you need can help in the event an emergency situation arises, which is always a possibility in an environment where extreme weather conditions are the norm.

Your crew being vigilant is also important, as conditions rapidly change in places like Antarctica – having crew on 24-hour watch may be necessary in case an enormous piece of floating ice makes your vessel its next target (and it’s happened before). Aside from manpower, ensure that you order Antarctic fuel if you plan on travelling to the Antarctic zone two to four months in advance and organise 20 to 30 percent more than you plan on using.

Experience these rare sights for yourself

With a little bit of preparation and knowledge, an expedition to extreme climates is more than manageable. Just keep in mind to select only highly experienced people when searching for crew, and that any provisions you need while out at sea will cost you far, far more than they otherwise would at home. Plus, obviously don’t forget that you’ll be in a very cold climate – make sure to pack thermal everything so you won’t have to shiver yourself to sleep every night!