Planning A Road Trip Through Tennessee? (7) Places You Must Visit

If you’re planning a road trip through Tennessee, you need to have an itinerary at hand. There is nothing better than a well-thought-out road trip. There is much for you to explore and learn, and the more you give yourself the opportunity, the more you’ll enjoy your trip. Road trips are fun. They make for a great story and can form a part of your cherished memory. You will remember how the sun felt, how calm the wind was and how excited your family was. The expressions on your faces will be priceless and something you’ll remember for years to come. That is why as you pass through Tennessee, we have listed all the places you need to visit. Your trip will be both memorable and adventurous. Here are some areas where you need to make a pit stop:

1. Graceland Mansion

As you’re passing through Tennessee, you need to visit Graceland. As you enter the mansion, you can use your iPad to get an interactive tour of the house. You may also hear Elvis Presely’s voice play from your iPad as you walk through the mansion. Graceland’s estate once belonged to the king himself. The Manson is both gorgeous and intimidating. It gives you an insight into Elvis Presley’s life. You also get to explore the Jungle room and kitchen as well as Elvis’s last resting place. The only area of the house unavailable to visitors is the bathroom upstairs, where Elvis collapsed. If you have young children, you would want them to learn the history of music.

2. Dollywood

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy your day at the only amusement park with a southern charm? Book your room at dollywood cabin rentals and start your adventure-packed day. There are over forty Dollywood Rides and Attractions waiting for you at the brilliant amusement park. You can enjoy these rides with your family since there is no age restriction. Some popular rides include the lightning rod, which is the world’s fastest rollercoaster. There is also the Firechaser Express, the first family coaster and a fun carnival just for children. So if you need a quick pick-up and rest as you explore, give Dollywood a try. You’ll share laughter and joy with your family.

3. The Great Smoky Mountains

The smoky mountains are every nature enthusiast’s dream come true. With acres of wildlife, trees, and even animals, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a famous amusement park accredited by people all over America. It is conveniently on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. It makes for the perfect outdoor spot and definitely should be on your list. You get to take your kids on multiple outdoor activities, including hiking and camping. There is also an exhilarating amusement park ride waiting for you to explore.

4. Outdoor Knoxville

Outdoor Knoxville is another excellent area that needs your attention and time. The Legacy Parks Foundation runs it as they try reclaiming the space into a proper park. There is much for you to do in another excellent outdoor spot. You can rent out bikes and have an action-filled day. You may even splash on the water by renting paddleboards, using them to get around. You can also go kayaking with your family and try fly fishing that will add to your experience.

5. Knoxville Sunsphere

Even though the Sun Sphere was constructed in 1981, it is still a popular visitation site for many people. The original intent behind the Sun sphere was its use in 1982’s funfair. It is one of the two remaining structures that are still erect to this day. The building itself is pretty impressive. It stands at the height of 266 feet and is made up of 24 karats of gold. An observation deck on the fourth floor allows you a bird’s eye view of the city. You can also enjoy a brilliant 360-degree view of the city. The structure is always open to the public, and you should stop by.

6. Burgess Falls State Park

The Burgess Fall State Park is known for its natural beauty and family activities. There are about four waterfalls that cascade the park and have an impressive height of 250 feet. You can take a 1.5 mile round trip around the edge of the waterfall. Fishing is another exciting adventure offered by the park. You can also walk through the native butterfly garden and watch the butterflies dance over different species of flowers. Since you’re not staying back for long, it’s still worth noting that there is a summer youth camp for youngsters.

7. National Civil Rights Museums

Here you will find information spanning over five centuries. There are artifacts, films, and interactive media for your viewing pleasure. The museum itself is located in Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr got assassinated. You’ll get to explore all the significant events that took place in 1968. There is a vast timeline for you to follow so you can track down how the legacy started.

Wrap Up

As you go through Tennessee, there is much for you to do. It would help if you planned what you want to do in Tennessee. Start by visiting the Graceland museum. You may also want to see the ever-beautiful Dollywood. There are many parks and mountains also worth exploring. If you like outdoor activities, make sure you visit these too. There are also different cuisines for you to enjoy with your family. No one can deny the cultural richness that abides in Tennessee. So when you’re down there having a road trip, make sure you make the most of your excursion.