A Cultural Guide To Ontario

Ontario is an amazing region of Canada that has such a wide range of tourist attractions that everybody should be able to find something there. Niagara falls is obviously one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers but Ontario has so much more to offer. As well as over 2,500 picturesque lakes where you can take fishing trips, you can also visit the capital, Toronto, for some of the best shopping and dining options in the whole region. If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, Ontario can offer that as well. There are so many great galleries and museums to visit while you’re there. Here are some of the best ones.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

If you’re looking for a comprehensive history of Canadian art, look no further than the McMichael Canadian art collection. The huge collection boasts indigenous art both historical as well as contemporary, giving you a great picture of the history and the future trajectory of Canadian art. If you’re interested in culture then you absolutely can’t miss it. It’s situated in Kleiburg so you’ll need to hire accommodation from somewhere like ResortsandLodges.com if you’re going to stay nearby. The collection holds a staggering 6,400 pieces, plus any temporary exhibitions that they are holding. Most notably, there are works by the Group Of Seven; a collection of artists from the early 20th century that has been widely credited with creating a distinct artistic identity in Canada.

Tom Thomson Art Gallery

The gallery, inspired by Canadian artist Tom Thomson, has a strong focus on community art. While the collection might not be as big as some of the other big galleries in the area, it has some of the newest and most exciting Canadian artists. Their main focus is to help Canadian artists make a name for themselves and promote Canadian art around the world. It also helps to preserve the legacy and work of Tom Thomson himself.

Canadian Museum Of History

For a comprehensive history of Canada, look no further than the Canadian Museum of History. The Canadian history hall is by far the most impressive exhibit. Covering a huge 40,000 square feet, it charts the history of the Canadian people right from the earliest humans up to present day, through a collection of 1500 artifacts and lots of unique exhibitions. One of the things that people enjoy so much about it is that it is a comprehensive history that doesn’t miss anything, even the darkest periods.

Science North

If you’ve got a keen interest in science and technology, Science North is a great attraction for you. It’s an educational attraction that’s great for both kids and adults because it has a focus on presenting good information in a fun and interesting way. The main focus of the exhibitions is to teach people about the impact that science and technology have on their everyday lives which is why it’s so popular.

Ontario has a rich cultural and historical heritage that you can immerse yourself in if you get fed up of all of the amazing natural features.