My dream road trip destination – Australia

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While air travel is a great way to get to your starting point, the real travel for me is always by road or rail. Travelling through a country is infinitely more rewarding than just flying over it. Road trips are especially rewarding as you are free to deviate from your original route, stop at places you’ve never been to before and experience a true sense of local life and culture. I’ve been asked more than once what my dream road trip would be, as I’ve been on my fair share! So here’s my itinerary.

East Coast Australia Road Trip

Having experienced some of Australia’s beautiful coastal roads in 2010 I long to return to the land down-under. Sydney is often the starting point and from here you really have two options, either head south towards Melbourne and the state of Victoria or head North towards Brisbane and Cairns. I was lucky enough to drive the coastal roads South of Sydney heading to Melbourne over 4 days with plenty of stops along the way. This is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world and its fairly quiet too as the distances are big and the population small. The M1 and A1 roads are fairly close to the coast with the B65 helping you get even closer at Wollongong. There’s no shortage of great beaches to stop at and pretty little towns to visit. Eden was one of our favourite which has some interesting walks and a whaling museum too which was definitely out of the ordinary.
Melbourne is a wonderful city to visit too, very accessible and a lot of the centre is walkable. Definitely worth spending a few days there. The city is famous for its ability to have all 4 seasons in a day and that was definitely the case when we visited. It seems everyone knows someone in Melbourne and its one of the friendliest and most sociable cities I’ve ever been to. I can highly recommend a visit during the Formula 1 Grand Prix usually held in late March. The cars race around Albert Park which is easily accessible and a fantastic place, plus day tickets are pretty cheap too!
Melbourne Road Trip Ideas
Heading West from Melbourne is one of the greatest roads in the world and one that should be high on everyone’s list. The Great Ocean Road which stretches for 243 kilometres (151 miles) from the town of Torquay to Allansford. The highlight is a stop at the 12 Apostles, massive limestone rocks standing out to sea having eroded away from the coastline. You can even take a helicopter ride over them for the best possible views.
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My next dream road trip

Now that I’ve experienced Australia’s beautiful coastal roads south of Sydney and the stunning Great Ocean Road its time to head back and drive some more! We are returning to Australia in October 2015 and heading North from Sydney on what is definitely a dream road trip, featuring iconic places like Coffs Habour, Byron Bay, The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. Covering some 2,800km (1739 miles) over 21 days. Australia is a beautiful country with no shortage of epic road trip opportunities.
This post was inspired by The Hayes and Jarvis USA Road Trip Recommender

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