Moving to Paris  – How to start

Is it a deeper intuition and spiritual connection that indicates your moving destination, or maybe you prefer to live life at its fullest and exploit any opportunity, so it’s been just a spin of the globe? 

No matter the origin of the decision, the final outcome makes you await your landing in Paris and a new begging being around the corner.

Although, besides your justifiable enthusiasm, you’ll have to take care of some important bureaucratic and legal procedures, if you want to be able to enjoy the maximum out of the City of Love.

Most of them, belong to the research phase, where you examine carefully all the constraints of the candidate country, to see if they meet the minimum criteria desired for your staying, and how you will eliminate all the moving costs.

Below, you can find 4 of the most important steps to make, that follow up your decision to live your dream across La Seine.

1. Communication

In order to -at first- be able to survive in a foreign country, it is obligatory to know which their national language is as how possible is for the locals to know a foreign one, and in what percentage and extent.

Take also into consideration what will be your working language(university or work).

This will be determining in the necessity of learning the local dialect or not. If yes, is this something you are willing to go through?

Did you calculate the budget you will need for that and if it’s profitable after all?

2. Public Health System

The quality of life of a country, is highly related to the existent public domains, the security level, and the functionality of the healthy system.
How do thing work in France?

Should you apply for a private health insurance or is the public infrastructures enough, and you meet all the criteria for the coverage provided?

Your health status, is not something you can negotiate and face upcoming issues in an unfortunate moment. 

3. Accommodation

Whoever you may ask about their greatest challenge when moving to a new country -even for short-term – the answer will always be regarding the housing.

And it’s completely reasonable, considering market’s availability, budget, personal preferences, all that added up to the mixed feelings of such a big decision comes with.

There is one thing for sure. Being already in Paris or not, has a great impact on your accommodation hunting. Therefore, especially if you are interested in a bold move, as buying a house, property lawyer in Paris should be your guardian-angel in this journey.