WATCH THIS: London to Brighton in 4 minutes!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to travel by train at 765 miles per hour? Well it appears they were doing it back in the early 1950s!

Well thanks to the BBC and some trick photography that is. Keep an eye out for Battersea power station in use and the relatively undeveloped area of East Croydon.

The film was made as an interlude between live TV shows which were pretty much the norm in the 1950s. This is by far the most exciting interlude film they made as others include a potter’s wheel, a windmill and a kitten playing with a basket.

In fact the film was so popular they did it again in 1983. Complete with 80’s synth music!

And again in 2006!

While you may not find a speeded up train journey very entertaining television it is interesting to see how the land along this route has changed massively over the last 50 or so years.

The change in musical styles to accompany the films is also quite entertaining!

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