Is Getting a Tourist Visa for Egypt a Hard Thing to Do?

Egypt (officially the Arab Republic of Egypt) is a transcontinental country spread in Africa and Asia. It is one of the most ancient countries in the world with the longest histories and heritage.

Egypt is considered the cradle of civilization for the rest of the world. Egypt’s population consists of approximately 100 million inhabitants, due to which it is one of the most populous countries in North Africa.

Tourism is one of the leading sources of revenue for Egypt’s economy. Millions of employment places are generated every year by the travel and tourism industry in the country. According to the government’s official reports, Egypt receives almost 15 million visitors every year, from which it generates revenues of nearly $13 billion.

The travel and tourism industry contributes more than 11% to the country’s GDP, with 14.4% foreign exchange reserves.

Egypt is well-known throughout the world because of its cultural and heritage tourist attractions. It is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, which attracts millions of culture-loving tourists every year.

Following are some major tourist attractions that can be spotted in Egypt:

  • Giza
  • Saqqara
  • Luxor
  • Abu Simbel
  • Alexandria
  • Sinai Peninsula 
  • Ain Sukhna
  • Valley of the Kings 
  • Nile River

Egypt e-Visa

Egypt e-Visa is an electronic entry permit that is compulsory for travelers who want to visit this beautiful country. It is actually an authorized traveling document issued by the government of Egypt for all foreign travelers.

e-Visa is totally different from a traditional visa because you don’t have to visit the embassy to get it. You can get your Egypt e-Visa by applying online on the website Evisa Express within minutes using any working device!

With e-Visa, you don’t have to go through a complicated process of obtaining a traditional entry permit.

TIP! Apply at least 3 business days ahead of the planned trip to get the eVisa to Egypt delivered on time. Approved entry permits arrive at the applicant’s email address in PDF form.

Egypt e-Visa requirements to meet

The most important step in applying for any visa document is to check if you meet the requirements for the selected destination. Luckily, the requirements for the Egypt e-Visa are elementary.

Take a look at the following list and prepare before submitting an online application form to ensure successful approval:

  • A digital photo of the applicant’s face (You can provide your face photo by capturing it through a phone or PC camera.)
  • A passport that will stay valid for a minimum of 6 months from the planned date of the travel
  • Invitation letter from an Egyptian company (only necessary for business travelers)
  • A letter of invitation from the family member in Egypt (applicable only for family visits)

You have to upload the above-given documents to your online application form. Make sure you have gathered the required documents to avoid delays with electronic visa approval.

Following are some requirements which you have to meet on arrival in Egypt:

  • A passport valid for at least 6-months from entering
  • Print-out copy of your Egypt e-Visa 

How to apply for the Egypt e-Visa?

Applying for the Egyptian visa online could not be more simple! Submit your application three days prior to your travel following an effortless 3-step process.

Use your phone, laptop, PC, or even a tablet and follow the guide below:

  1. Fill out the Online Application Form

In the first step, you will fill the online application form for your Egypt e-Visa. Provide some basic personal and travel information and make sure everything is correct.

  1. Fee Payment

In the second step, after filling your online application form, you will pay the fee of your Egyptian e-Visa using a debit or credit card, a PayPal account, or any other method. After fee payment, your form will be submitted and transferred to the Egyptian Authorities for final approval.

  1. Receive your Egyptian e-Visa in your email inbox

After approval from the Egyptian Authorities, your e-Visa will be delivered to your email box. As soon as you receive the PDF file containing your online visa, make sure to print it out and take it with you on your travel!

TIP! Mistakes, errors, or missing information in the application form can lead to delays or issues with approval.

Final Words

Getting a Tourist Visa for Egypt is not a hard thing at all. You can apply online using any device, even your phone. The Egyptian government makes it easy for all travelers who wish to visit this country for tourist and business purposes.

The online application process can be completed within minutes from home or any other place!