Interesting Things To Do In Winter In London

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London is a great place to visit all year round. The city offers visitors a plethora of options in terms of sightseeing, shopping and entertainment all year round. The benefit of travelling to the city in the winter is that it is less crowded and there are great discounts and deals available at that time of the year.

It is always a good idea to stay in the heart of the city, like at any Lancaster Gate hotel in London. The biggest benefit of staying in a central spot is good transport connectivity as well as the easy access to shopping and entertainment venues in the city.

A good choice would be the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotelconveniently located and reasonably priced. Just a few of the many interesting things to do and places to visit at winter in London are:

Take a tour of the city’s haunted pubs:

While there is a raft of walking tours to all the tourist spots and historic landmarks in the city, winter is the perfect time to set out on a tour of the haunted pubs to be found in London. London has an ancient history of more than 2000 years, and like any other old city it has its fair share of dark and macabre happenings. If you enjoy the thrill of exploring the unknown and are stout-hearted enough to attempt it, a tour of the haunted pubs in London is a thrilling experience. Just ensure you are well wrapped up for the cold when dusk approaches, as the tours take place when night approaches.

Shop for Christmas:

If you are in London in the festive season the there is nothing quite as exciting as hopping for Christmas. With areas like Oxford Street and Regent Street among other great shopping spots, shopping in the festive season under the lovely lights is a surreal experience. And if you get lucky you also might be able to snag a great deal or two.

Visit the Christmas market in Covent Garden:

Another great spot to visit in the run-up to Christmas is the excellent Christmas Market in Covent Garden. At that part of the year it houses a massive silver reindeer and the market is famous for its gift options and wonderful handicrafts. And another bonus of shopping at Covent Garden is that some of the trendiest stores are to be found in close proximity to the area.

Christmas market

Attend a West End show:

One of the best things about watching a West End shows after Christmas is that it does not only offer an opportunity to escape the freezing temperatures but also the ticket prices of these shows are far cheaper. This is because there are relatively fewer visitors and tourists in London as a consequence of which there is less demand for theatre tickets. So make the most of this opportunity and enjoy some of the best West End shows at deeply discounted prices.

London's west end

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