Interesting facts about P&O Cruises

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Booking new holidays to discover new places, although one of the greatest experiences you can have, can often be daunting. There are flights to book, hotels to find and meals to plan – it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed by the thought of going online and searching through hundreds of travel sites. One solution would be to enjoy a luxury cruise with P&O Cruises, where you can enjoy all the on board entertainment, including live music and west-end style performances, in-between visits to exotic destinations. You’re also given the chance to choose from a wide variety of Shore Excursions at every port of call, which lets you make the most of your relaxing holiday in the sun.

As you can imagine the sheer size and scope of the new Fly-Med cruise is colossal, but with this handy infographic from P&O Cruises you can see just how big the whole operation really is. Check out the infographic below for more mind blowing facts about the P&O fleet and click here find out information on the various holidays on offer.

P&O Cruise factsP&O Cruise factsP&O Cruise factsP&O Cruise factsP&O Cruise factsP&O Cruise facts

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