Instagram travel photography tips

It has been reported in a recent survey that Millennials, aged between 18 and 33, all chose the ‘Instagramability’ of their vacation destination above anything else. So instead of cost, travel time or accommodation, how attractive the location is came up as the number one reason for traveling. So with that in mind, how can you make sure you’re getting some of the best Instagram-worthy pictures on your vacation? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you on the right path.

Choose a Horizontal Photo

One of the best ways to get a photo of your travels ready for Instagram is to take it horizontally. You can get a lot more of the scenery in the photo, and it does make it easier for cropping. Instagram does allow you add larger pictures now, but when looking at your feed as a whole, it will crop it slightly.

Use Additional Apps

If you want to get your photo looking amazing, then it is rarely done straight through Instagram. Many people use other apps before sharing in the Instagram app. You could get an app that will frame the picture, so you don’t need to crop it, for example. You could get a color match app that brings the color in the photographs to life. You could even think about getting something like a postcard app to create a postcard that you can send out, as well as use the image for Instagram. There are many apps out there, so get a few and have a play.

Know Your Phone

If you will be taking on your phone, rather than on a DSLR and then uploading, then you need to think about getting to know your phone. When you do just that, it helps you to make the most of your phone and get the best pictures possible. Do you know about burst mode or HDR mode on your iPhone and what they mean, for example? So just get practicing and maybe check out some tutorials on YouTube.

Use Focus

Having a focus on the photos is really important. Otherwise, what is the main point of the photo? Most smartphones will allow you to touch the screen to bring it into focus. The closer you are to something, the blurrier everything else in the background will be. This can make for some truly stunning photography, as long as you’ve got the focus just right.

Lighting is Key

As stunning as seeing a fire show at night in Thailand might be, it might not bring up the best photos. Daylight, especially morning light, really is the best for photographs. You could choose evening light to create some stunning silhouettes, as long as you’ve got the main focus in the photograph right.

So next time you’re on your travels, you can choose wherever you want to go. When you’ve got the right eye for a good photograph and have practiced it a lot, it makes all of the difference, not the location itself.