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Where to stay in Hue, vietnam

We arrived in Hue in central Vietnam on time and bought our train tickets to Danang while we had the chance.

A very cheap and honestly priced taxi ride later and we were at the Hue Backpackers in the centre of town.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Stroking an urn

A very friendly check in with a free beer set us off just right and we were soon chatting to fellow backpackers and enjoying happy hour 2 for 1 drinks.

We were limited on time in Hue but decided our Hue experience would be mostly about meeting backpackers and keeping our sight seeing itinerary light and easy.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so it was nice to make new friends, have a few beers and chat.

Brown Eyes

Dragon boatsWe ended up in ‘Brown Eyes’. A local bar with loud cheesy music, a pool table and a large number of Australians. It was great fun and avoided a hangover nicely.

The next day we slept in a little, woken only by the sound of the sculptor across the road tapping his hammer and chisel on a block of wood.

We strolled in to town over the river and after getting a debit card swallowed by an ATM walked in to the famous Citadel area.

Beware of rickshaw rides as the sellers try to tell those that don’t want a ride that the citadel is in the opposite direction to where it really is, in the hope that they’ll get lost and soon want a ride. Cheeky.

Hue Citadel


55,000 Dong gets you in to the inner citadel that is a labyrinth of temples, shrines, courtyards, gardens and sculptures. Most of the buildings are crumbling and overgrown with weeds making them all the more beautiful. Other buildings are being restored back to their original colourful glory.

We bumped into some friends from our Sa Pa trip along the way and back at our hostel our Aussie friend Brendon just happened to have arrived and staying their the night. A group of ten of us soon congregated and made the most of ‘free beer hour’.

A night out with new friends

We got chatting with an ever increasing group of backpackers and soon 10 of us were off to a street cafe for more Vietnamese cuisine. On to a bar with a pool table after that where we enjoyed requesting songs from the bar man as he quickly browsed youtube for them!

Back against the wall

At a point when we really should have headed back to our comfy hostel room, we headed to Brown Eyes instead! “Buckets” were ordered by all, around 7 shots of a particular spirit and a hell of a lot ofmixer all neatly contained in a plastic bucket you can carry around with you as you “dance”.

The night got messy with us running around the club, people falling over and going home, exploring random hidden tunnels in the building where we really shouldn’t have been going. It was definitely a forgotten night to remember!

Our brief yet very entertaining visit to Hué ended as we left to catch a train the next day.

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