How to Travel in Style

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Going on holiday is supposed to be about pampering yourself and discovering new places.

Despite this, many people unfortunately find themselves at their most stressed when booking and travelling to their destinations. The strict time-keeping, the packing of necessities, the anticipation of hours in close proximity to other holiday-makers – not exactly a recipe for peace and quiet.

While some of these cannot be helped since they are an essential part of travelling, there are ways that you can smooth the process and have a more tranquil experience.

Here are a few handy tips to let you travel in style.

One: Avoid Getting Lost

One of the most stressful things about being in another country is the possibility of getting lost and being unable to find your way back. Familiarity is fun to push the boundaries of, but when you cross the line between exploring and becoming lost, your stress levels can rapidly increase. From landing to leaving an unknown country, there are a surprising number of opportunities for you to find yourself accidentally straying from the intended path and being left without the knowledge of working your way back.

Whether its for five minutes or five hours, not knowing where you are can ruin a holiday. Prevent this by finding reliable transport between locations; for example, hire a taxi in advance from to take you from Barcelona airport to the city centre, and save yourself the stress.

Two: Try New Things

The scary part about getting lost is not knowing if you’ll find your way back again. It isn’t necessarily the lack of familiarity but the missing safety net that comes with knowing where you are. That being said, holidays are the perfect way to get yourself out of your comfort zone and try new experiences.

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Do your research to such an extent that you feel safe letting your curiosity lead you off the beaten path without the fear of being completely lost. The memories you’ll make by discovering hidden gems and secrets in a different country will last for years.

Three: Give Yourself Time

This applies to every aspect of your journey, from packing to coming home. Give yourself enough time to enjoy activities and moments of peace without the worries of life niggling at the back of your mind. When packing, it is always helpful to write a list that corresponds to the activities you plan to enjoy while on holiday. There’s no point bringing three pairs of high heels to a skiing trip or woolly jumpers to the Caribbean.


Plan ahead so you can relax without thinking. Book your journey well in advance and make sure you’ve saved enough money so that the months after coming home aren’t too tight. Also give yourself time to experience everything you want to while abroad since you can’t guarantee that you’ll return to the exact same place. If you want to cram in as much as possible, save up so you can afford an extra few nights. Time is a luxury that will help you to travel in style.

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