How to travel when you don’t have much money

Whether you’re jetting off to the coast of Cancún or central New York City, travel can take its toll on your wallet. From flights to food to accommodation, there’s a lot to think about and budget in. If you’re looking to make your next trip a little cheaper, if you’re tight on cash but determined to holiday nonetheless, worry not. We’ve got three top tips to cut your costs and make exploring the world a little easier on the bank account. So book the couples week in Tokyo, plan your dream excursion to summer Rome. With the right planning and sacrifices, any and all travel can be surprisingly affordable.

Budget travel advice

Good Grub, Full Wallet

One of the biggest and most overlooked expenses whilst abroad is food. Grub, nosh, three meals a day with snacks in between – whichever way you want to spin it, staying full and happy is really important. It’s also rather difficult to do cheaply when you’re living in a hotel with no kitchen (we’ll come onto that later!). You can always book an extended stay room that comes complete with a kitchen to cook your own meals. Thankfully, there are a few ways you get around this.

Firstly, be humble. Whilst the local five star restaurant might look incredible and amazing and oh-so-romantic, it’s also very likely to be rediculously expensive. Eat within your means and have a daily set of dollars put aside. Second, be smart. The internet is your best friend. Log into that free wifi, surf and search and you’ll come up with nearby restaurents in no time. Sort by price, and now you’re really making progress. Another thing to consider if that you don’t always have to eat out. Yes, it is one of the most convinient ways to find food when travelling, but you just as easily order in, translate the menu from the comfort of your rented bed and rest those weary feet. Take for example. One trip to this website and any adventurer in Singapore city has cheap, varied food at the tip of their fingertips at all times.

Hostels vs. Hotels

Remember how we talked about being humble? Well, another great way to save cash is to slum it up for the nightime when abraod. And by slum it up, we mean sleep in a comfortable, clean bed that just so happens to be in a dorm with twelve other lovely, also-travelling people. A hotel is great for privacy, and maybe it’s worth it if your trip is a lovebirds getaway, but really, all you’re going to do in that fancy room is sleep. Consider a hostel next time you’re booking accomodation. They’re varied, cosy and worldwide. And best of all? They’re cheap.

Out in Town – the National Attractions

Last but not least: the Venician gondola tour, the swimming with dolphins, the jetski two hour hire. Sometimes, paid experiences are worth the payout. Other times, they’re overly priced distractions from the real place you’ve come all that way to visit – either or, it usually depends on the person and their interests. One way you can fill the time and explore culture without a price tag, however, is through museums. Through the sandy public beach with blue seas and palm trees. Through the architecture of a thousand-year-old church. Culture is all around you when abroad, experiences are everywhere.

You just have to know where to look!