How to travel more often – Our tips

Travelling is a wonderful experience that everyone should be able to afford. With low-cost airlines offering some fantastic deals and hostels offering people cheaper accommodation, there are plenty of ways to travel on a budget yet still have a meaningful experience that feels fantastic. In order to help you make travelling a regular experience, here are a couple of ways to lower the costs and fit your lifestyle around it

Planning is essential for travel, so make sure you don’t skip it. (Source)

Plan for Future Holidays Whenever Possible

To start, it helps to plan holidays and look forward to them whenever you can. If you’ve just come back from a fantastic trip abroad, then start planning your next trip already. Speak with friends, talk to family members and look up YouTube videos or read blog posts to find your next destination. The earlier you book your tickets, the more choice you’ll have in terms of plane seats, hotel accommodation and tickets for any future events you plan to visit. Of course, booking early also gives you more flexible pricing because you won’t be paying for last-minute tickets.

Try and plan your holidays as often as possible so you constantly have something to look forward to. The experience will also make it easier for you to book a holiday in the future. You’ll know all the best places to look for cheaper flights, you’ll know how to pack your bags and you’ll also know the countries that require a visa for entry. If you want to make travelling a part of your life, then you’ll need to constantly be thinking about it.

Be Smart About Purchasing Flights and Booking Accommodation

Nowadays, it’s possible to drastically reduce the cost of our flights and accommodation by being smart about it. For starters, look around for the best deals when you’re booking flights. Think logically when you’ve decided on a destination. For instance, if you want to visit a Scandinavian country, then you may want to check ticket prices from an airline that is active in that region of the world such as Norwegian Air. Similarly, if you want the best prices for a destination in Asia, then you should be checking the airlines that commonly fly to and from your country of choice.

In terms of accommodation, make sure you look for alternatives to hotels. While hotels might be the go-to choice for many people, it’s also one of the more expensive options. Hostels are far cheaper than hotels, but they don’t offer the same luxuries. If you want to go even cheaper, then you could look for room shares or temporary apartments that can be rented out. If you’re going on a backpacking adventure, then you may even want to consider camping out in the open, but you might want to check if it’s legal or not.

Don’t Bother With Tourist Attractions

While tourist attractions are usually what attract huge crowds of people, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best thing to see, visit or do. Tourist attractions are usually traps that draw crowds and take our money. This could range from overpriced food to ludicrous tour prices, but the general idea is that people will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

In order to prevent this, do plenty of research on the country you plan to visit in order to find the lesser-known locations to eat, see things and entertain yourself. It will save you plenty of money in the long-run and you’ll be surprised at how many strange and wonderful things you can experience if you do a bit of research. In short, travel to places that are free from tourists and follow where the locals go instead.

Sometimes, rest and relaxation are all you need to make a holiday meaningful. (Source)

Use the Same Airlines and Save Miles

When accumulated, airline miles can drastically change the way you travel. If you frequently travel to the same countries, then it might be worth signing up for an account so you can save airline miles and use them for upgrades and rewards. In some cases, saving up enough airline miles can give you a completely free flight, and you’ll only need to pay for accommodation and other necessities when you arrive.

Don’t be intimidated by airline miles.Think of it as a reward system that encourages flying with the same airline so you can claim rewards. You may also want to look at credit card reward schemes because some cards will provide you with airline miles when signing up, and this could give you some fantastic deals if you’re willing to shop around.

Take Your Job Abroad With You

If you want the ultimate excuse to travel then you need a job that allows you to do it. One of the most basic ways to travel and work is to become a freelancer. For instance, if you’re a digital artist that works on a per-commission basis, then you could technically work anywhere you want assuming you have a laptop with you and some digital art equipment like a tablet. If you’re a writer, then you could technically go anywhere that inspires you and work from the comfort of a laptop or even a tablet.

Making money on your travels is the perfect way to make travel self-sustaining. However, it does take time and effort to build up a freelancing career to the point that you can work anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you could become a travel blogger or content creator. You’ll typically make money from sponsorships, advertisements and affiliate links, but it’s a fantastic way to incorporate your love of travel into your source of income.

Some Final Words

Travelling shouldn’t be seen as a luxury and more a necessary part of life. It allows you to experience new cultures, sample new food and learn about new traditions. It’s an amazing way of learning more about the world, so follow these tips and you too could make travelling a regular part of your life.