How to Travel Alone and Enjoy It

In the 21st Century, we have seen a lot of people who love to travel alone. Deep down you wish the same as well! Escaping to the beach or the mountains, no questions asked. The biggest irony is that travelling solo is the best antidote to our lonely lives in the cities.

You will be your own boss, eat whatever you like, go wherever you like, whenever you like. You can connect with as many people as you want or none at all, it’s totally your call. There’s no thrill that can match the thrill of travelling solo.

Bonus: Travelling alone will make you independent and teach you how to manage things on your own, making you a responsible person.

Below are some tips for travelling alone and enjoying every bit of it:

Before You Leave

Save – It is great to save for your trip and not get caught by the debt monster. Save up for your trip before you go and make a budget accordingly. When you return, start saving for your next trip.

Plan – Decide the destination and plan the itinerary according to your budget.

Buy Travel Insurance – Don’t need travel insurance? Think again! You’re travelling alone to an unknown place and what if something goes wrong? Travel insurance will be your best friend in case of mishappenings.

Minimal Packing – As you’ll have to carry the luggage yourself, pack light.

Book a Hostel – You’ll need just one bed when travelling alone, book a hostel for your stay or book a place that is solo-friendly. Bonus: it will be a huge advantage if your stay provides breakfast.

After You Arrive

Take Time – Give yourself some time to adjust to the new place. Relax for a bit and then start exploring.

Don’t Attract Unwanted Attention – Don’t go flashing diamond rings and your expensive iPhone. Tourist places are often filled with pickpockets and thieves.

Buy a Map – Buy a city map so that you know your way even if your phone’s battery dead.

How not to be Lonely

Visit Local Coffee Shops/Bars – Coffee shops are great conversation starters. Always sit near someone.

Don’t forget to smile – A smile shows that you’re friendly and open for a conversation.

Take the road less travelled by – You’re a traveller and not a tourist. Less explored places will have a limited number of people and will open greater opportunities to interact with someone.

Ask Questions – Asking questions is the most basic and evergreen way of starting conversations.

Learn some Local Words – There is a high possibility that you’re travelling to a place where not many people speak English. It’s good to learn some of the words of the local language for better communication.

Take City Tours – There is a high chance that you find someone attractive during a city tour. For example, when I was visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it started raining and I ended up having lunch with a really cute person.

Tips for Eating Out

Dine regularly at the same place so that you become cordial with the staff.

Eat at a Bar – If you eat at a restaurant at a table for two or four, it leaves no room for interaction with others. Eat at friendly places like a bar or at communal tables.

Getting Around

Walk – If you really want to experience a place like a traveller, walk around. Walking the streets is the best way to experience the real vibe of a city.

Never compromise on your safety – Having fun is okay but not at the cost of your own safety. For example, if you’re going for an adventure, keeping a Trauma Kit would help.

Check your valuables regularly.

Drink Responsibly – So you’ve decided to go to a bar to explore the nightlife of the city, but be very responsible while drinking and stay in your senses. You’re all alone in the city and you’ll not be able to get back to your room if you’re out of your senses.

Final Words

Planning and taking care of your safety are the most important things you should care about when travelling alone. Follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy every bit of your solo vacation.