How to stay safe on your travels

Travel is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and experience cultures and customs you’ve never been exposed to before. Because of this, thinking about your own security during a trip can often seem at odds to the open-mindedness that can make your travels so enjoyable.

However, it’s naïve to set off across the world without any thought to your safety. To ensure your security on holiday with the minimum of stress, follow our top tips for staying safe abroad.

Invest in a secure suitcase

As this video shows, a malicious bag handler or opportunistic thief can break into a standard, soft-sided suitcase and then close it up again with just a ballpoint pen. If this happens to your luggage while it’s unattended, you won’t notice until long after any valuables have been taken.

To keep your luggage totally secure during your travels, invest in one of the cases from Travel Bag Quest’s pick of the best hard-sided luggage without zips. These will secure your valuables from all but the most determined of thieves.

Beware of street crime

While Europe’s famous capitals such as Barcelona, Paris, and Rome are home to some of the best sites and attractions the world has to offer, they are also a hotbed for pickpocketing according to TripAdvisor’s guide to the 10 places around the world you should be aware of pickpockets.

Before you set off on your next trip, check the Government’s foreign travel advice to see if your destination is known to have a pickpocketing problem. If so, be sure to keep your wits about you on crowded streets and beside famous tourist destinations. Keep tight hold of cameras and purses in busy spots, and never keep valuables like your wallet or passport in your back pocket, as this will make you an extremely easy target for thieves.

Think about cybersecurity

When you’re on holiday, you’re going to need to rely on public Wi-Fi networks whenever you want to access the internet unless you want to risk astronomical data bills. This isn’t such a problem if you just want to check TripAdvisor for the next attraction, but if you need to access your email or banking accounts then you need proceed with extreme caution on shared Wi-Fi networks.

We spoke to Darren Park from LetUsFixIT about maintaining your cybersecurity while abroad, and he said: “Whenever you join a public Wi-Fi network, such as your hotel lobby’s or a local café’s, your data becomes vulnerable to anyone else on the same network. To avoid risking your cybersecurity while on holiday and far away from the safety of your personal network, invest in a personal hotspot so you can surf the web without putting yourself at risk.”

While most personal routers or ‘Mi-Fi networks’ are tied to a specific provider, the TP-Link M7350 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Device, which you can pick up with free delivery from Maplin, comes unlocked. This means you can shop around and get the cheapest data package on the market ahead of your trip, giving you peace of mind for as little as possible.

Follow these tips to stay as safe and secure throughout your travels, no matter where your next adventure takes you.