How to see the world on a budget

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Most people want to see as much of the world as possible, but it doesn’t always seem financially viable. However, if you put in the necessary research and plan well, country-hopping could be more affordable than you could ever imagine.

In this article, we outline some ways in which you can see more of the world on a budget. So, read on to find out more.

Choose your destinations carefully

When you’re planning a holiday on a budget, you need to think carefully about your destination. While it can be tempting to visit well-known and popular cities like London, New York or Paris, you’ll struggle to enjoy them properly if money is tight. So, it’s wise to opt for somewhere that’s more affordable but just as exciting — trust us, those places exist!

According to Skyscanner’s list of the cheapest holiday destinations for 2017, the likes of Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic and Budapest are all beautiful locations that you can easily enjoy for a fraction of the price of the cities we mentioned above.

Consider alternative modes of transport

Holidaymakers’ largest expenses tend to be travel and accommodation, so cutting costs in this area could save you a lot of money. But, this doesn’t mean you have to endure budget bus trips and hostel stays.

The River Cruise Line, for example, offers river cruises around some of Europe’s most famous waterways. These cruises offer both travel and accommodation in one and take passengers to the heart of various cities peppered across the continent. So, they’re a great alternative option when you’re looking to book a holiday on a budget.

Choose your food and drink wisely

If you’re trying to make your trip as affordable as possible, you probably don’t want to take a huge amount of spending money with you. So, to ensure you don’t break the bank, you should carefully select where you’re going to eat and drink.

Opting for street food whenever possible will not only save you money, but also give you an authentic taste of the local cuisine. Plus, low prices certainly don’t mean low quality, and you’ll likely find yourself paying fast food prices for some very impressive meals.

If you’ll be new to this way of eating, The Guardian has a great guide to the world’s best street food that’s worth a read before you set off on your travels.

Invest in city passes

If you do decide to visit a large city and want to see everything it has to offer, it’s usually worth investing in a city pass. These are offered by New York, Paris and London among others and, while they can seem expensive at first, they give you access to these cities’ biggest attractions and often allow you to use public transport systems. So, if you like to fill your holidays with sightseeing, they’re definitely worth it.

Hopefully you’re now feeling much more confident about organising your next holiday on a budget. Travelling can seem impossible when money is tight, but that’s not the case. You simply need to follow these tips to get the most out of the funds you do have.

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