How to Plan Your Dream Road Trip

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If you think that all you have to do to plan the perfect road trip is get yourself onto Route 66 and floor it, think again. It’s about taking the time to plan it, finding the perfect mate to drive with, and also taking it easy so it doesn’t feel like the world’s longest commute. Here’s how you can make it happen in a few easy steps.

Find a mate who’s as relaxed as you are

The best way to enjoy your road trip is to find a mate who is as relaxed as you are about taking the time off and going with the flow. You need someone who is going to be easy to get along with, is happy to share the driving, and isn’t a fussy eater. You’ll be grabbing a bite at all sorts of weird and wonderful places, so find a mate who’s happy with whatever you put in front of them and it’ll make things so much more relaxed.

Decide on your bucket list stop offs

There’s always going to be a few bits you each won’t want to go home without seeing, so decide on what they are before you leave. That way you can plan your trip so that you don’t miss out, and you won’t be arguing about how to spend your last couple of days on the road.

Pick the right car to get you there in one piece

When you want to find the right car you really can’t go far wrong with a Mercedes. They’re basically indestructible, bulletproof, and will last forever and a day. Sites like make it quick and easy to find any spares and extras you need to keep your ride in perfect condition, and you could even have them delivered to your next stop off if you need to.

Plan a couple of rest days to go with the flow

If you’re going for a real marathon trip, taking a little time off from the road is really important. Scheduling in the occasional rest day in a town that has plenty to offer is the best way to go about it. That way you can take a break, see some more sights, and then get ready to resume the trip of a lifetime.

Budget for extras like running repairs and days out

Always take a little more cash with you than you think you’ll need because you’ll certainly find a way to need it. It’s just the way road trips tend to play out, so don’t put a limit on your funds purely for the sake of it. Allow yourself a little wiggle room and you’ll probably find it makes all the difference.

Have something awesome waiting at the end of it all

You don’t want to get to the end and realize all that’s waiting for you is the flight home, so why not plan a big final night? It’ll be the perfect way to end the drive of your life.