How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Weekend in Rome

There’s no better way to fall in love all over again than by going to Rome just the two of you. It’s a chance to spend some quality time together as you get away from the hustle and bustle back home, and it’s a chance certainly not to be missed. If you’re looking for a spark of inspiration that will make it happen, look no further. Here’s a few ideas to give you plenty of romantic ideas.

Visit the Opera House in the evening

The passion and emotion of live opera is a sight not to be missed, and if our experience is anything to go by it’s one that will stay with you for a lifetime. Book yourself a pair of advance tickets, head out for a bite to eat beforehand, and a drink afterwards, and you’ll have the perfect evening of love and romance.

Walk the Spanish Steps at sunrise

Once you’ve found your place to stay and got some rest after your flights, make sure you get up bright and early as you beat the sun. The Spanish Steps are one of the most striking architectural landmarks in all of Rome, and you can’t go home without making it to the top. Sunrise is the perfect time to do it as you’ll be able to beat the crowds and enjoy a view unlike any other.

Take in the Castel Sant’Angel at night

It’s one of the must-visit destinations on anyone’s bucket list, and a romantic getaway is the perfect time to take a closer look. The views and lights are so moving they’ll make you fall in love all over again.

Enjoy some drinks at Casina Valadier

We’ve talked a lot about getting out and about, but what about when you want to put your feet up? Heading over to the Casina Valadier is an inspired choice for the wine connoisseurs amongst you, and it offers a stunning view and ambience you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Take the weight off your feet and let someone do it all

There’s no better way to relax in luxury than to have someone take care of all the fine details for you. By finding accommodation that allows you to rest in style you’ll be able to enjoy every second of that precious alone time.

Pay your respects at the Vatican

If you want to add culture and inspiration to your weekend away, the Vatican City is just waiting to be explored. For centuries it has been at the centre of so many people’s lives, and it could be the perfect place to celebrate your love for one another.

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a wish before you fly home. The Trevi Fountain has been the scene of thousands of proposals and engagements over the years, so you might want to think about how you’re going to pop the question…