How to Pass the Time in the Airport Departure Lounge

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There’s nothing like the anticipation that comes after booking that dream holiday, whether you’re travelling alone or with mates. Your day of departure finally comes around, your bags are packed and everything is going smoothly. Then you get to the airport, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… and realise you have a good couple of hours to pass before your flight starts to board.

So how do you pass the time? Because after all, your holiday has now started and the last thing you need is to be bored out of your mind waiting for the clock to move. Here are a few ideas that could help.

Lounge Act

If you do have some spare cash then booking into an airport lounge comes highly recommended. You can get away from the hubbub of life in the departure lounge, and find yourself a calm corner of sanctuary complete with comfy seating, newspapers and magazines, food and drink outlets, a less traffic-heavy Wi-Fi connection and TV screens. Some airport lounges even have shower rooms and sleep ‘pods’, depending on the airport you travel from!

Catch Some Z’s

Airports are getting smarter and realising that the days of hard chairs stacked in rows are no longer good enough. Okay, so many still operate on this basis, but some airports are starting to introduce sections featuring comfortable lounge chairs and recliners. There’s even a website at dedicated to this.

So grab your noise-cancelling headphones and your eye-mask and make a beeline for a comfy chair, because sleeping is the quickest way to pass the time. Just remember to set an alarm so that you don’t miss your flight.

Get Your Game On

While the Wi-Fi connection in some airports can be sketchy at best, you can still enjoy decent speeds if you log into a hotspot or a specific Wi-Fi channel offered by a shop or restaurant on-site – yes, you might need to sign up for an email newsletter to gain access, but you can always cancel this further down the line.

Alternatively, make the most of your 4G or 5G (get you!) connection by loading up your favourite games to pass the time. Of course, some games – think of Fortnite, FIFA, CoD – will absolutely eat up your 4G allowance, so these are best avoided. Instead, you can opt for lower consumption games, such as those offered by MiniClip and, which tend to be more forgiving.

You could up the excitement by playing for real-money prizes. There are dedicated casino games sites such as, where you can try your hand at roulette, blackjack, slots and even bingo. With mobile offerings for Android and iOS, such sites are typically suitable for on-the-go gamers and therefore could work well with a long airport wait.

Take a Bite

There’s no debate: the quality and variety of food and drink providers at airports has improved exponentially in recent times.

Gone are the days where it was Burger King or nothing… now, you can usually tuck into an extensive selection of hot and cold treats, from grilled meats and sandwiches to pub grub, Mediterranean, Asian and even vegan meals. Arrive at your airport in good time and dine in style.

Be Entertained

The entertainment on offer at airports is getting better and better. Most have some kind of games room and even spas these days, and if you plan on flying from any of the following airports then you really are in for a treat…

Munich International Airport has an ice rink, Vancouver Airport boasts its own tropical aquarium and has a swimming pool, hydrotherapy centre and squash courts.

Hopefully, this guide has offered up a few ideas of how you can fight off airport boredom and ensure your holiday hype remains as excitable as possible!