How to Organise Group Travel with friends

Traveling with friends is both a great idea, and a terrible one. The difference between the two outcomes ultimately boils down to how well you have planned your trip. If you think you are going to go on one type of trip, and your friend on another, you will be at odds with each other the entire way through.

Organise Group travel with friendsOne example of this is if your friend wants to spend the entire time on the beach or shopping, and you wanted to explore the city and the surrounding areas.

Proper communication and planning can avoid mistakes like this, which is why everyone planning a trip with their friends should follow these top tips:

Picking the Right Type of Trip

When you travel with people, there is bound to be some friction. The reason for this friction is, simply put, that you do not have experience with being in close proximity to them for long periods of time. That is why housemates who travel together often have a much better time, because they have already worked out how to live together in harmony.

What’s more, hashing things out before you travel is important, as it’s how you can work out what you will do, and lay down some key ground rules so that everyone knows what to expect and can prepare for it. Do this, and you can all enjoy your trip together without anyone butting heads.

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Picking Accommodation for All

When it comes to finding accommodation for a group, your choices are limited, which is why renting out an entire property is often your best plan of action. Not only can you find a beautiful home that has enough space, but you will also enjoy increased security as well. Vacation Rentals are available around the world, from trusted websites like Vacation Renter, meaning that you and your friends can skip the hostel and share the price instead, which can usually work in your favor. It’s a great way to ensure everyone is happy with the trip, whether your friends wanted a luxury experience or to live like a local.

Creating Your Daily Budget

budget travel with friendsHaving a budget that everyone agrees to is crucial. While sure, you cannot stop one friend from buying souvenirs or new clothes when you are abroad, you can make a pact on how much you spend per meal for instance. This group budgeting will ensure everyone can enjoy themselves, even if your one friend is still at university and has a smaller budget than your friend who already has a career. Start this budget planning right from the start when you book your vacation home online, and make reasonable parameters before you go.

Creating Your Itinerary

Finally, you and your friends will need to work on creating an itinerary together. What this means as a group is to ensure that everyone gets to choose something that they really want to do on your trip. The more arguing that you get through during this process, the better, because it means you can sort through everything by the time you start your journey. The more fair your trip is, the better a time everyone can have, which is why organisation is such a critical part to any group trip.