How To Make Your Travels Far More Enjoyable

Traveling is supposed to be enjoyable, right? Aside from the occasional grumpy passenger on the plane and that occasional moment when we miss our home comforts, many of us have a lot of fun while away.

But if you get the feeling that your travels aren’t as enjoyable as they should be, there could be some reasons why. With this in mind, we have some ideas on ways in which things can be improved for you. Have a read and see how much of a difference they make to your next travel adventure.

#1: Pack light

If you overload your bags with everything but your kitchen sink, you are going to feel weighed down before you actually start on your travels. You will incur airport fees too, and that won’t improve your mood when you’re standing in line for your flight. If you overpack, you might also spend more time thinking about your belongings than the actual destination you are jetting off to, perhaps with fears that your valuable items might get stolen at any moment.

So, here’s the thing. Don’t cram everything you own into your bag. Follow our packing tips and focus on the essentials you need for your trip. Your mood will be as light as your bags if you do.

#2: Don’t be put off by the rain

There are some places where it’s sunshine all year round, so rain might not always be an issue. But if you choose a location that has variable weather, then there may be times when you get a little wet. It’s at these times that you might start to feel miserable. You might also decide to return to your hotel room to while away the hours until the rain stops.

But here’s our advice: Don’t let the rain ruin your holiday. Don’t let it dampen your mood. And don’t let it turn your travels into a washout. Pack your rain gear so you can still enjoy some outdoor activities. Or if it’s really bad, take part in a fun indoor activity instead of spending more time at the hotel. Visit an escape room, leisure center, museum, indoor climbing wall, or any other type of place that could up the fun factor.

#3: Do something you have never done before

Sure, you could do what you have always done in the past. You could visit the same places, take part in the same activities, and sleep in the usual accommodation. And while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with any of that, falling into a routine can make your travels a little too samey.

So, instead of falling into repeated patterns, consider stepping out of your comfort zone. Try activities that could be considered dangerously fun, such as river rafting and shark cage diving. Eat foods you have never eaten before, opting for local delicacies instead of those foods that are similar to what you have back at home. And don’t assume you need to stay in a hotel. There are all kinds of accommodation types you could try, including these unusual places. By doing something different, your travel adventure will be far more memorable, so consider the comfort zones you need to step out of.

#4: Put down your phone

Smartphones are both a blessing and a curse. Yes, they can be useful while you’re away, as you can use them for taking photos and keeping in touch with people at home. If you download a GPS app on your phone, you can reduce the risk of getting lost too! But if you spend all of your time looking at your phone, perhaps scrolling through your Facebook pages or taking selfies of yourself at every popular attraction, you will undermine your travel experiences.

When you put down your phone, you will get to experience more of the world around you. You will see the world through your own eyes and not through your phone’s tiny camera lens. There will be opportunities for you to communicate with the people around you, including the locals who may be all too happy to chat with you. You will be less prone to stress too as if you’re forever opening up your social media pages, you might see something that annoys rather than delights you. So, put down your phone and enjoy your surroundings. You might miss out on so much otherwise and that could hinder your enjoyment.

#5: Wander off the beaten track

There’s nothing wrong with visiting all of the usual touristy places while you’re away. It’s okay to hire a guide to show you around too. But if you spend all of your time wandering along the paths well-traveled, you could miss out on something glorious that could be in another direction.

So, don’t always follow your guidebook and don’t always go to where tourists are congregated. Explore by wandering along the paths less traveled, as who knows what you might see when you turn a new corner. You might see very little but then again, you could stumble upon a place of immense scenic beauty that takes your breath away. There could be unique eating places and stores that you might miss out on too, especially if you head to touristy spots with all of the usual big brands. But if you head to the places where the locals hang out, you might stumble across something against the norm.

#6: Slow down

If you’re rushing from one place to the next in an attempt to see absolutely everything your travel destination has to offer, you’re going to tire yourself out. You won’t get to experience each place to its fullest either, especially if you don’t stay for longer than a few minutes.

But when you slow down, you will get more of a feel for the places you visit. You will have more time to relax too and that will do much for both your body and mind. So, reduce your itinerary so you don’t have to rush everywhere. Focus on the places that you really want to see and leave anything else for the next time you travel.

So, we hope these tips were useful! By following them, you might enjoy your travels more, so give them some thought the next time you’re away.