How to Choose a Campsite Around the World

Keep In Mind The Season

It might sound obvious for those planning to camp in the same country they live in. However, if you would like to travel abroad, double-check the weather conditions in a place you will arrive at. The reason is that the temperature and the rainfall might significantly vary in remote places. Moreover, some tropical countries have monsoons with heavy rains and extreme levels of moisture. That is why always make sure the weather is likely to be nice and warm for having a perfect trip.


Book Campsite In Advance

Many families are planning to have a vacation when their children get out of school. As a rule, the highest season for camping is the middle of summer. If you plan to have a nice trip during this time, it is better to book a campsite beforehand. Even if you choose uncommon destinations or less popular alternatives, it is always a good idea to book your campsite long in advance. By the way, most campsites are open for booking six months before the visit. Therefore, it is easy to plan your trip and make a reservation for an excellent rest. It is also worth mentioning that in case you would like to have a rest from crowds of other tourists, it might be great to plan a vacation at the end of May or at the beginning of October when most kids are at school. There will be fewer people and crowds in the chosen area. This way, you will have higher chances to enjoy the silence and a calm atmosphere during your stay.


Pay Attention To The Campsite

Most campsites fit travel trailers. However, there might be some options limited to tents only. That is why it is always necessary to discover the features of the campsite you are planning to book. But what if you are a beginner traveler or not good at campsites? There is a handy solution to this common issue. Feel free to read the reviews of other travelers using particular campsites and tents. For example, it is easy to find out the freshest info at xtm rooftop tent review or discover more info about other popular alternatives.

In case you don’t know where to start exploring, check the length of the campsites. Most tourists prefer 30-35 feet in length. You can stick to this number for maximum comfort, too. By the way, most campgrounds don’t have plenty of space for extra parking, so get ready to fit all your vehicles and belongings within one campsite.


Think About The Bathroom

Most campsites are close to the bathroom. Although this is surely not a comfy bathroom you got used to, you will still need to use it. In many cases, it will be a pit or flush toilet. Some of the bathrooms might also have some sort of shower. Although most trailers are equipped with a shower and toilet, you might still need an extra one if you are camping with a big family. This way, taking the proximity of the bathroom into consideration is really worthy.


Personal Preferences

The campsites are incredibly diverse. Some of them are located in remote places in the mountains or near the lakes, while the others can be found not far from the urban area. If you choose the second option, you can always buy some food and water in the local grocery store. However, if you would like to rest in a remote area, it is important to have enough goods for a comfortable stay. That is why it is better to get the answers to these questions before your journey begins:

  • What are you going to do while you are not staying at the campsite?
  • Will you need to drive for extra attractions?
  • Are there any shops or groceries nearby?
  • Is there any reliable source of water at your campsite?
  • Do you require any power for using different appliances and gadgets?
  • Do you need to purchase batteries?
  • Is there any prescription medication for you or your loved ones that should be bought in advance?
  • Are there any particular preferences of your family members?



Arranging a nice family trip and having a rest at a campsite is surely not easy. You need to consider plenty of parameters, including choosing the best season, the location of the campsite, the booking rules, the proximity to groceries, access to electricity, and water. However, if you follow the simple rules mentioned above, you will likely to have a comfortable and unforgettable rest with all your family.