How To Become A Successful Travel Blogger

Getting paid to see the world? It’s everybody’s dream right!

Well, it’s not everybody’s dream, but if you love travelling AND you want to earn yourself some cash, then travel blogging is as good a way as any to make a living.

However, it’s easier said than done. Travel blogging is a crowded field; the blog you are reading right now is but one of many, so success isn’t guaranteed.

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Still, you will never find success at all if you never take the plunge, so if travel blogging is something you are interested in, take a look around our website for inspiration, and follow the tips we have so graciously provided you with below.

#1: Create a travel blog

Okay, so this is a no-brainer. If you don’t actually create a blog, then you aren’t going to make it at all! Duh! We aren’t going to go into detail here, as you can read our step-by-step guide on how to  get something up and running. Then take a look at the rest of our site and other travel blogs for inspiration on content and blog design. While you won’t have very much to post at the beginning, you might still play around with your blog, trying out various designs and practice posts until you are ready to go live.

#2: Consider how you are going to make money

If you do want to make money from your blog, and have a way to fund your travels, then you need to consider the options ahead of you. The obvious option is to monetize your blog, and there are some useful ideas here. However, it can take a while to build up your funds this way, especially when your blog is in its early days, so you also need to look for other ways to make money while you are travelling. From fruit picking to freelance work, there are plenty of ideas here to give you some inspiration.

#3: Invest in your blog

You can run your blog for very little money, but if you have some money spare, there are a few things worth investing in. For starters, consider a  virtual business address, as this is more professional than using your home address, and is useful for accessing your mail while you’re away. Then consider hiring a web designer to give your website a professional looking sheen, and a helpful hand with the SEO side of your blog. Invest in some decent video and photo editing software too, as that will also enhance the overall look of your blog posts, and generate more interest in what you have to say.

#4: Create interesting and useful content

Your travel blog is more than a diary of what you have been up to! There has to be some worth for the reader, so when you are out on your travels, write articles that will be both educational and entertaining. As examples, you might write an article on the best eating spots in town, or a piece on how to travel around a specific place on a budget. And do something unique and interesting to base an article around, as this will better engage the reader. Walking around Africa is fine, but the reader may be more interested in how you rode an elephant over African plains! The more incredible the story, the higher the audience you are going to attract. And be sure to include relevant videos and photos within your content to draw the reader into what you have been writing.

#5: Utilise social media

You need to market your travel blog if you want to get any kind of readership, and one of the best ways of doing this for free is through the use of your social media channels. Whenever you write a blog post, send out word to the legion of followers you have on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and link them back to your website.  And when you do gather a social media following, post the occasional update of where you are on your travels, and let them know that a blog post will be incoming at some point during the day. “Hey, I’m about to ride an elephant around Africa – more on the blog later,’ is all you need to generate a little excitement amongst your fanbase!

#6: Promote yourself further

Unless you hire your own PR agent, you are going to have to put the work in yourself. Aside from letting your followers on social media know about your travels, consider those poor people who haven’t yet made it onto your social circle. Let local media know about your travels, asking for mentions in the local newspaper and regional tv channels. Pitch a story to newspapers and magazines, and write a piece for their publications to generate a little more fame and fortune for yourself. Contact popular travel bloggers, and ask them to promote what you’re doing, perhaps with a link to something you have written for their blog. Promote your blog to the people you meet on your travels. And master the art of SEO to ensure your blog has a better chance at hitting the top pages of Google search rankings. The more people who get to know about your blog, the higher your readership and earning potential.

#7: Create a mailing list

When you start to attract true fans, those people who can’t wait to hear about what you are doing next, start to build an email mailing list so you can send word out to your beloved fans. You can send word out on social media, but emailing your subscribers with news and information is a better option, as the message you send isn’t going to get lost amongst the 50,000 other items on your follower’s newsfeeds. Don’t spam your followers, but when you have something interesting to say, or when you want to reignite their interest into your blog, send out a timely email to remind them of what you are getting up to.


We have barely scratched the surface of travel blogging, but there is plenty more information on our website and around the internet should you need to know more. We hope you have found what we said useful, but give us a shout if you have any feedback or questions. Thanks for reading, and happy travelling!