How to Avoid Frequent Migraines while Travelling to Hot Countries

To all those who get these frequent migraines when it is hot outside, going to tropical countries can be an ordeal. Travelling is a perfect escape from the daily grind. A headache while travelling is a huge buzz-kill. While putting an end to these frequent migraines is not something we can do, we can surely prevent the pain of migraineswhile travelling.

Here is a quick guide for you to avoid frequent migraines while travelling to tropical countries:

Keep your body hydrated

You would obviously want to stay hydrated, won’t you? We tend to think about being hydrated, but not many would actually put an effort to do so. Keeping one’s body hydrated is extremely important in the hot weather. If you are a traveller in a tropical country, it is a given that you’ll be exposed to the heat more. Keep a water bottle with you all the times and don’t let your body reach the point of quenching. This will help your brain stay jitter free (You know what I mean, right?). Hydration decreases your chances of getting headaches and frequent migraines.

Be smart and use Smart Devices

Well, you didn’t have to roll eyes if you don’t like the idea (kidding). Smart devices like a fitness band or a smartwatch lets you keep track of your health. If you don’t want to spend on the devices, then you can always make use of certain apps on your phone. There are plenty of apps that can even remind you to drink water or eat something. Install these apps (Editor’s choice preferably) and stay at your best in terms of health while travelling.

Accessorise to minimise sun exposure

Don’t we all just love wearing summer dresses and roaming outdoors? Well, that’s why we picked a tropical country (one of the reasons, maybe?). It will be even more helpful if you pack a few things up to avoid the sun a little. Just as you would keep a pair of sunglasses with you intuitively, make sure you grab a cute hat too on your way. Keeping the head cool is really important especially if hot weather gives you a migraine. A hat will not compromise on your summer style, trust me.

You can also get migraine glasses designed to prevent the intense radiations from entering the eyes. These radiations are one of the potential causes of triggering a migraine. The migraine glasses are made with a special material that deflects the painfully intense emissions without compromising on one’s vision at the same time.

Medicine to the rescue

One can find a plethora of migraine tablets like Maxalt melt, Imigran, etc. in the market. Keep one of these always with you. Most importantly, the meds need to be stored in a cool place too. If you are going to be roaming about more in the outdoors, pack the meds in a box that does not absorb heat that much. Wrap it in aluminium foil. Just make sure that the meds are not exposed to the sun too.

And do not put your bag (the one that has meds, of course) on the windowsill or right in the front or back of the car that gets the sun directly. Medicines lose their efficacy on overexposure to heat.

Keep it cool

On long exposures to sun or heat, the body gets heated up. It is vital to keep the body cool. Also, do not ignore the signs your body is trying to give you. If you feel tired, drowsy, or low for a moment, sit down and rest your body. Lean against a wall until you feel better again.  Alternatively, use a bag of ice to cool your head down, if the head stays cool, the body remains relaxed. Putting your feet in cold water will also do the job. Plunge your face into the water to instantly cool down.

Always check the weather before going out

Many people have this habit of checking the weather for the next day night before, so they can dress accordingly. This is a brilliant move. This can even help one in the case of preventing migraine. Know the weather so that you can plan beforehand.  In the world where we have apps literally for everything (I wish), you won’t be surprised to know that there is an app for tracking the weather that gives frequent migraines to many. Either make use of this app or just keep track of the weather and the temperatures that give you headaches. This way, you will know when to take extra care of yourself which will automatically minimise the chances of you experiencing migraines.


Sleep well and Eat well

While one is travelling, two things that suffer the most are the sleep routine and the meals. Sleeping well is really important as a shift in the time and one’s routine while travelling can take a toll on oneself. So, good sleep is the key to blissful travelling, free of migraines.

While travelling, we all love to try the new cuisine and try as many new things as possible. And with that, many tend to turn a blind eye to a proper meal. Filling oneself with snacks and street food won’t fulfil the daily nutrition requirement. People with recurring headaches should especially take notes as a lack of proper nutrition is one of the causes that trigger a migraine.

Don’t stay in crowded places for long

During the day avoid going to rushy outdoor places. Sun with lots of people is a triggering duo for migraines.  In crowded places, it usually gets stuffy and sweaty. A mixture of odours and stuffiness can trigger migraines as well.  Avoid overcrowded places at least during the day.

With these tips in hand, I am sure you are ready to travel to a warmer country with one health concern off your chest. Plan ahead and take care of yourself so that you don’t have to say ‘could have, should have’ while telling your travel stories.