Hotel hygiene advice – What to expect

hotel hygiene adviceThe excitement that comes from planning a vacation to a beautiful hotel is perhaps overwhelming to most as everyone has a completely different outlook on how a hotel should look and how comforting the atmosphere should be upon arrival.

No guest wants to envision beautiful accommodations and amenities that turn out to be less than desirable for them and their loved ones after they have already paid for their stay.

Before choosing on any one specific hotel, it is always ideal for guests and their fellow travellers to do a little research online to ensure them that everyone will get exactly what they are seeking as it is always reassuring to know the premises will be 100% pest free.

What to Expect at a Luxurious Hotel

Beautiful Designs- Having a hotel with beautiful interior and exterior designs is something every guest needs in their vacation. It gives off a comforting, warm feeling as soon as they arrive on site and helps to add a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Scents – Any hotel that has pleasant scents such as tropical or floral are sure to put anyone in a pleasant mood from the smell of something familiar but new.
  • Exceptional Services – The most any guest could ever ask for at a luxurious hotel is great service. Choosing a hotel with excellent reviews will help any guest find a hotel that will serve all of their needs including welcome gifts, butler services, car parking services and even turndowns for those arriving late in the evening.
  • Amenities – Having amenities such as Wi-Fi, television, coffee, mini-bars and high-quality toiletries is a must for anyone looking for a comfy and relaxing stay.
  • Pest Free Atmosphere – The most important aspect of any hotel is being pest free. Sleeping in a room with no pest worries is something every guest not only needs but deserves during their stay.

The Importance of Hotels Being Pest Free

Common pests that are found in hotels are bed bugs, cockroaches and termites. All of which are unnecessary to hospitality businesses when there are pest control services almost anywhere an individual travels to. Not only are pests, such as bed bugs and cockroaches, a nuisance to guests and hotel staff, they are also a health concern due to bites caused by bed bugs and cockroaches getting into food that has been left out or spilled.

Another rather large issue with any pest infestation is the spreading of the pest. Once a guest stays in an infested room, they risk bringing the infestation into their vehicle and into their own home. For hotel management, this can become a legal issue as any guest has the right to sue for costs of extermination if pests are brought into their home. This makes calling on a professional pest control company in St. George, UT or in their local area a priority for hotels.

When Should a Hotel Call Pest Control?

  • First Sign of a Bite – For bed bugs, in particular, it is very crucial to catch them at an early stage before they start spreading throughout the hotel. Once they start breeding and eggs start hatching, the more time and money that will have to be spent on the extermination.
  • Complaints of Pests – When anyone complains about seeing pests in a hotel, it is always the safest and smartest option to take care of the issue immediately as the longer you wait, the worse it becomes.
  • Spring Cleaning – Every “good” hotel conducts a routine spring cleaning where the housekeeping department scrubs the hotel top to bottom, including switching out bedding and wiping down all furniture items. When spring cleaning occurs, it is always a safe bet to have pest control come in and spray for precautionary reasons.
  • Dead Pests – Although most wouldn’t find a huge issue with a dead pest at the hotel, others will go straight into panic mode. In order to help with the panic, it is always ideal to treat one dead pest as if it were an entire infestation. This will help ensure staff and guests that the issue has been taken care of properly.
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