Honeymoon in San Francisco: Where to Go and What to Do

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What can be more romantic than the wedding of your dreams? It is the happily ever after, of course, or in less saccharine terms, your honeymoon. Planning your honeymoon just yet? Nothing is more special for a newly-wedded couple than to spend the next few whole days with your special someone at a dream destination that you both can enjoy. If you are looking for the perfect getaway for your honeymoon, you need not get far from the city.

San Francisco has the balance of modern and rustic places for you to explore on your romantic retreat. If you are looking for lots of happenings and places to go for your honeymoon, San Francisco is the place to go. Check out the places and activities you can enjoy on your honeymoon escapade.

Have a romantic photo shoot at the Golden Gate Bridge

Your San Francisco honeymoon getaway should start with the ever famous Golden Gate Bridge. This iconic bridge is San Francisco’s most renowned landmark, so it’s a no-brainer best spot to take those frame-worthy romantic photos.

Take a leisurely walk at the Japanese Tea Garden

You are on a vacation mode on your honeymoon, and there is no need to do things in a hurry. The Japanese Tea Garden offers a Zen Garden, koi ponds, and arched bridges reminiscent of an actual Japanese Garden. You need not travel far to savor the tranquility and relaxed vibe of the garden while walking hand-in-hand.

Book a couple tour of the city

If you want a relaxed tour of the city, you can now book San Francisco tours with the mode of transportation of your choice. You can join a minibus tour, hire a tuk-tuk for a more intimate feel or a more rugged trip using electric bikes. San Francisco tours are led by locals who can bring you to the iconic sights, historic places and the off-the-beaten-track of the city you may wish to go.

Look for the best accommodation in San Francisco that you can find

California is one of the most visited states for travels and vacations, so it will not be a tough job to find the best accommodation to spend your romantic honeymoon. San Francisco has a wide variety of hotels and accommodations you can choose from which suits your mood and your budget.

Experience gourmet and exotic foods at Ferry Building Marketplace

Traveling, be it romantic or not, is never complete without trying the best dishes a place has to offer. If you want a taste of San Francisco, run over to Ferry Building Marketplace for their different food selections and savor the gourmet and exotic foods typical of San Francisco.

Skate the day away at Church of 8 Wheels

If both of you are in for a different and groovy experience on your honeymoon escapade, try switching your walking flats to roller skates at the Church of 8 Wheels. Skating in this modern roller disco is quite a different and excellent experience for a honeymoon escapade.

Take the most crooked drive at the Lombard Street

One of the most famous landmarks of San Francisco is the twisted road of Lombard Street. What once was a safety solution of the residents to the steepness of the road became a hit as a tourist attraction. Not only is it a well-known for its crookedness, but it is a beauty to behold with the pathways decked with colorful flowers beckoning you and your loved one to take a leisurely stroll.

Have fun shopping at the Union Square

For couples who love shopping, San Francisco has a shopping spot exactly just for you. Visit Union Square and have a shopping spree as a couple because you deserve it. It is also a great place to get your honeymoon souvenirs.

Wander along Pier 39

Strolling along the length of Pier 39, you may come upon the California Sea Lions visiting the San Francisco Bay. These cute and slippery sea lions prefer the docks of Pier 39 for its comfortable wooden decks and a place where their food is aplenty.  An encounter with these fascinating sea creatures will surely add excitement and an extra treat to your honeymoon vacation.

Hike through the Muir Woods National Monument

If you are one pair who loves the outdoors, then the Muir Woods National Monument is one place in San Francisco you must definitely see. The grandeur of the redwoods is a sight to behold, especially for hiker and outdoorsy couples.

Visit the Museums and historical places of San Francisco

San Francisco also has areas for the artsy couples to visit. You can laze away walking through the halls of the de Young Museum admiring superb artworks and cap your day off with a beautiful view of the city from an observation deck of the museum. When in San Francisco, make sure to visit the Palace of Fine Arts and have your romantic moments captured in photos against a background of Greco-Roman columns.

Be awed by the views from the Coit Tower

Climb up the steps and see a magnificent view of the city of San Francisco from the Coit Tower. You can both enjoy the beautiful view from the top and have memorable pictures together while enjoying the magnificent view.

View a romantic sunset at Ocean Beach

The best way to cap off your honeymoon retreat is to watch a romantic sunset at Ocean Beach. You can feel the soft sand on your feet while walking hand-in-hand along the long stretch of the beach while waiting for the sun to set. There is nothing more to ask than a vacation with your loved one along a quiet beach.

A romantic vacation in the city may be a great experience, especially when the places and activities are so varied as what you can find in San Francisco. Hopefully, you will consider that a honeymoon in the city can be equally romantic as an island escapade as long as you know the sights and the activities it has in store for you.

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