Group holidays in England – Our advice

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While we love travelling we also love our home country and there’s no better way to holiday in your own country than with good friends or loving family. We’ve got plenty of experiencing exploring this beautiful country of ours, in fact we conducted a major 3 month road trip around the UK back in 2012 visiting England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales!

We’ve also had plenty of Christmas holidays away in cosy cottages and converted barns, discovering lots of big houses to rent. So its safe to say we have some real world experience when it comes to group holidays in England. So where should you go? When is the best time to get away and just what are your options for group accommodation?

What to think about

When it comes to group holidays in England one thing you need to think about more than any other is keeping everyone happy. There’s two ways you can do this. Firstly don’t expect to satisfy all your travel fetishes. Not everyone in your group loves to do what you love to do and group holidays are more about spending quality time together than exploring every part of a destination or doing every kind of activity. Sometimes conversation in a good pub, an easy walk or a cosy cottage with a view is all you need to have an amazing time. So keep it simple and stay with your group as much as you can. Having said that my other peace of advice is make sure everyone gets some time away from the group too, even if its just for one morning or afternoon, think of it like a release valve from the social engagement of being with a group of different characters for a week.

Where should you go?

There are some locations in England that really lend themselves to group holidays. The Cotswolds is one such region worth considering. With its easy rolling hills and undeniably beautiful views its very easy to get to and very easy to get around. Its also filled with beautiful cotswold stone buildings and lots of good country pubs to while away your time. In fact it has all the ingredients you need for a successful group holiday in England.

If you’re up for a longer drive and love your country walks then the Lake District is definitely worth considering. No shortage of great views here and the walks are a little more challenging but plenty of options for everyone. There’s just enough quaint activities to do here and if you can find a house for short term rental on the side of a hill (of which there are many) you’ll get some spectacular views to wake up to everyday too.

The Peak district is definitely worth checking out too with plenty of party houses to choose from. There’s even options for really large groups of 20 or 30. Whether you have a lot of friends or a large family, its good to know there’s a accommodation options that keep everyone together and happy in one place. The Peak District offers epic views and plenty of villages to explore if you’re looking to get out and about.

When to go

If you keep in mind that your group holiday in England should be kept simple and more about quality time together than busy exploration then this really opens up when you should actually go. If possible avoid the obvious half term and summer holiday seasons when prices can peak. Having said that Christmas is a truly excellent time to get away. Prices are higher as this is a time when party houses for large groups really come into their element but if you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas with friends or family it doesn’t get much better than a grand house that can accommodate you all easily, with pic views in a new part of the country. We’ve done this numerous times now and are by far our most memorable Christmas experiences. The great thing about a Christmas holiday in England is that everyone expects to laze around, spend quality together, indulge at home so nobody has to drive and maybe if you’re feeling energetic take a walk to a local pub.