Got those post-travel blues? Try these 4 tips to help you readjust

There’s only one sure thing to bring you down after the trip of a lifetime, and that’s coming back home again. 

This form of sadness affects everyone at some stage in their lives. Whether they’ve returned from their 2-week annual holiday or they’ve been exploring the far east for three months, that return to reality can really sting. So, what can you do to combat these post-travel blues? Well, read on for 4 tips that will help you readjust and help you to embrace the positives of your adventures.

Book your next trip

The best way to get over that post-travel feeling? Have something else to look forward to instead! Print off your most recent holiday pictures, or even get a wall canvas of your memories, reflect on the parts you loved and then start planning your next trip! This is the perfect tonic for anyone who is longing to return to the road and see what the rest of the world has to offer.

You could even pin to a map all the countries you’ve visited and then highlight the ones you’re still yet to experience. It’s true that once the travel bug has bitten you, it’s difficult to shake it. If you’re not financially able to book your next trip then don’t worry too much, even if it takes another couple of years you can still plan your next travel adventure to the very last detail. Do lots of research and even learn the language! 

Get back into a healthier routine 

Street food, lounging around on sun-kissed beaches, all mixed with poor sleep, too much sun and even a little more alcohol than we’re used to all make for a fantastic travelling experience. However, they can also take their toll on your body and mind. Consider joining a gym or taking a couple of exercise classes a week. Moving your body will help keep your mind occupied and get the blood pumping. Focus on eating healthier and get some good sleep. 

Keep in touch

All those amazing new people you met on your travels shouldn’t just exist in your memories. Thanks to social media and the joys of the internet, you can keep in touch with just the click of a button. Keeping in touch with those you met on the road will keep your adventures alive and give you a link to a positive time in your life. Your travel friends certainly won’t tire of your “remember when…” stories as quickly as your friends and family at home will!

Keep your travel passions alive

Just because you’re thousands of miles away from your travel destination doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with it. Can’t stop thinking about authentic Thai food? Try a cooking class. Felt good about helping to build a school in Ghana? Volunteer to help at a local charity. Fell in love with the Spanish language? Take a class and master it for your next visit! 

Your travels and experiences don’t have to stop just because you’re back home. And remember, you don’t have to stay at home forever. Make a list of all the things you’ve got planned for the future and all the things you’re looking forward to.