For Sheer Romance, Enjoy a Salzburg Honeymoon

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With distant snow-capped mountains, fairytale castles and palaces, and the sound of classical music pervading the Alpine air, a Salzburg honeymoon must be the most romantic start to married life.

This beautifully preserved Austrian city is packed with Baroque architecture, dreamy fountains and mesmerising gardens, and was the birthplace of a certain Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music can be heard across the city, in palaces, concert halls and churches.

For sheer romance, take a tour of the old town by horse-drawn carriage, enjoy a candle-lit dinner listening to Mozart, and fasten a love lock on to one of the city’s many bridges – Salzburg exudes old-world romance at every corner.

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Some Romantic Austria Vacation Ideas

Admire the imposing Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is  over 900 years old, and is one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved castles. This majestic building stands high above the historical city centre.  Climb its watchtower for dazzling city views.

Visit the Mirabell Palace, built in 1606 and arguably the most romantic building in Salzburg.   Aficionados of The Sound of Music will recognise the Mirabell Gardens, with their dreamy fountains, flower-filled borders and sweeping views towards the cathedral and fortress, which were used as a backdrop in one of the film’s many much-loved scenes.

Magical Grottos and Fountains

Fountains are a major feature of the Hellbrunn Palace, a former summer residence built in the early 17th century.  Its gardens are full of magical grottos, Grecian-style sculptures and a delightful mechanical theatre, powered only by water, but beware – there are trick fountains concealed everywhere, waiting to surprise and drench the unsuspecting visitor.   For a more romantic approach, take a guided evening tour, available in July and August, for a magical mix of water, light and music.

If you fancy some shopping during your Salzburg honeymoon, take a stroll down Getreidegasse, a charming pedestrian street steeped in history, with beautiful doorways and elaborate ornamental shop signs. Mozart was born at No. 9, and his house is open to the public.

For more romantic Austria vacation ideas, take an Old City tour by horse-drawn carriage, starting at Residenzplatz Square, or enjoy a leisurely Salzach river cruise between the Makart Bridge and Hellbrunn.  Then seal your love on the Makartsteg footbridge, by writing your names on a padlock, securing it on the fencing and throwing the key deep into the river.

Candlelit Mozart Dinner Concert

Finally, for a particularly romantic treat, a candlelit Mozart Dinner Concert will immerse you in the composer’s world of 1790.   These special evenings take place at the St. Peter Stiftskeller, Europe’s oldest restaurant, where Mozart himself used to dine.  He appreciated good food, and the three-course menu is based on historical recipes, adapted to suit modern tastes.

With its Alpine scenery, dreamy castles and blissful music, could anything be more romantic than a Salzburg honeymoon?   It’s the city that exudes romance, whatever the season.

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