Finding the Right Resort for a Family Vacation

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Before planning your next family getaway, consider the wide variety of resorts many locations have to offer. Most resorts make vacationing easy and offer an array of amenities to keep you and your loved ones relaxed and enjoying the experiences. Restaurants, golfing, nearby attractions, kitchenettes, and on-site pools are just a few additions to consider before you head out for your vacation. Resorts come in all shapes and sizes so here are a few that you can review to see if they meet your needs.

The Beach Getaway

Beach resorts are plentiful and perfect for the family who needs a bit of sun and fun in their lives. Resorts in Carlsbad, CA are a perfect example of combining luxury and the beach experience. Options range from golfing, beautiful views, and fantastic spa packages that will help you leave behind your mundane life. When you choose a beach resort, there are tons of attractions nearby that can keep you and your family excited about your vacation.

Many amusement parks are located nearby and since you are right by the ocean, plenty of marine life to explore. Rent a boat and do a little sea fishing, take some surfing or paddleboard classes, or simply enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. While dining on site is always an option, many resorts are just a short drive away from some local fare that will expose you to a new palate that can be exciting in itself. Shopping is also plentiful and you will want some mementos from your getaway that bring back a flood of happy memories.

The Ski Getaway for the Adventurous

If your family is adventurous and loves sports, a ski resort may be the perfect option for you. Finding the right one is fairly easy when you know what you are looking for. Having a travel budget on hand will make it easier to decide to fly overseas or stay close to home. The skill levels of your family members are also important to consider. What if someone is going that doesn’t really want to ski? Will there be other options for those folks? Of course, a ski resort isn’t just about skiing, they often offer other options such as snow tubing and snowboarding.

Nothing can compare to sitting by a fire with a bit of hot cocoa and a gorgeous view of snowcapped mountains. Some ski resorts are located near some restaurants and shopping but it may not be as close by or in abundance like your typical beach resort. A ski resort caters to a slightly different crowd that is looking for adventure rather than an amusement park.

The Disney Experience

When it comes to a family getaway, Disney knows how to make that happen with their plethora of resorts around the world. The greatest thing about Disney resorts is that they offer accommodations to fit any budget, it’s doable for just about everyone! Packages can be modified to include all sorts of special events and requests. Want a breakfast with some Disney characters? You can make that happen! Does your darling child dream of being a princess for a day? Yep, you can do that too. It’s not just for the little ones either. Many adults take Disney vacations without children and explore Disney in a new and adventurous way. With dozens of resorts to choose from in Europe, Florida, and California, it would be hard to not find a resort you like and in your budget.

Before planning any trip, know exactly what your budget looks like and what your family likes to do. Check often for coupons and discounts on sites like Groupon to save a little bit on ticket prices. If you are a member of AAA, ask if there are discounts available to you. Most importantly, enjoy your vacation. You have deserved it!

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