Favorite Travel Bloggers in 2020

fav travel bloggersWhen it’s time to make any big decision, the first place we turn is to the internet.  Vacations are no exception. 

When it’s time to pack up the family and head out to your favorite beachfront resort or that tranquil mountain top chalet, looking for advice from a famous travel blogger is the right move. 

How do you know what travel bloggers you can trust?  After all, it’s no secret that everything you read online isn’t true.  Remember the Geico cavemen?

Don’t fret; we’ve got your back.  If you are looking to take a trip to relax with the family or if you are relocating and looking for Whistler homes for sale, turn to these three travel bloggers for the most reliable information.

Adventurous Kate

Are you looking for solo adventures?  If so, check out Adventurous Kate.  This native Bostonian walked away from her marketing career at the age of 26 to explore Southeast Asia for six months.

Nine years, 83 countries, and seven continents later, Kate is still exploring the world. She’s committed to environmentally friendly and socially responsible travel. 

That means she carbon offsets her flights and shops locally in the towns she visits.  She also makes it a goal of hers to learn and respect the historical and cultural context of her travels. 

Kate prides herself on being a woman who travels alone.  She made it her goal to help women steer around the fearmongering of solo traveling.  

So, if you are looking to travel alone while going green, spend some time on Adventurous Kate’s site!  You are sure to learn a lot.

Backpacking Matt

Backpacking Matt describes himself as “a guy from Iowa who somehow ended up living in Queenstown, New Zealand – one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

If you love adventure, or if you are looking for destination advice, look to Backpacking Matt.  He’s New Zealand’s premier blogger for Planit, NZ, New Zealand’s largest travel planning and booking website. 

He prides himself on showing people how they can live a realistic, alternative lifestyle traveling the world.

Matt shares his adventures through photographs.  If you want to see the beauty that he’s captured around the world, cruise Backpacking Matt’s Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed. 

Check out Backpacking Matt’s blog here.

Barefoot Nomad Travelers

Barefoot Nomad TravelersCharles and Miki Kosman have been avid travelers since 2003.  This Canadian couple spent the last 15 years exploring over 40 different countries. 

And guess what?  They do it with kids!  

That’s right.  If you are on the hunt for travel tips from experienced travelers, look no further than the Barefoot Normand Travelers.  These adventurous Canadians run the gamut of traveling. 

In their early years, they traveled young couple style—light backpacks and busses.  Now that kids have entered their quests, they’ve mastered the art of fancy hotels and carry-ons.  

So, no matter what you prefer, Charles and Miki have some awesome tips and tricks you can try. Visit the Barefoot Nomad blog here.


The internet offers a wealth of information.  The key is finding the sites you can trust.  If you are looking to travel for any reason, look no further than these three travel bloggers.   They will provide you with the tips and tricks to do if affordably, efficiently, and effectively.  

Who doesn’t want to save time and money while having fun?  Safe travels.