Facts about travel in Puerto Rico

A trip to Puerto Rico can be exciting in many ways. It provides for a heady mix of old world charm and modern day city life. Besides, there are some truly exciting tours in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that offer rare sights and sensations.

If you are planning some Puerto Rico travel, the best way is to shortlist the sites you wish to explore and make transportation bookings in advance.

According to VIP Limo Puerto Rico, there are cab services that offer well-planned half-day and full-day tours of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and that too in very comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, driven by experienced and courteous chauffeurs.

Here are some things to keep in mind, apart from the transportation.

Not everyone can converse fluently in English

Just because Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America does not mean it is an English-speaking region. It is important to remember that it has a rich history spanning over 400 years prior to American presence. Therefore, not everyone can actually converse fluently in English. Some still stick to Spanish. Knowing Spanish, therefore, is an added plus. However, broken English works too! Just be a bit patient when it comes to communicating with locals, especially in the streets and marketplaces.

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Be around locals when you are venturing out on the streets alone

Although the streets of San Juan are not largely unsafe, there are incidents of theft and robbery, even in the heart of the city. Therefore, if you are venturing out, especially at night, make sure to stay close to the locals. In case the streets are deserted and you can’t spot any local crowd, it is always better to take a cab, especially after sundown. As a rule, prefer not carrying valuables with you while exploring the streets and marketplaces.

Refrain from going astray in El Yunque

If you are in San Juan, the El Yunque rainforests will definitely feature in your list of must visits. When you are here, it is important to stick with your group of travellers and follow the directions correctly when on the trekking path. Be mindful and avoid distractions. There have been incidences of tourists getting lost in these rainforests when they deviated from the charted paths or were isolated accidentally from those accompanying them! Some have never been found.

Refrain from hitchhiking

Most likely, your hitchhiking efforts will be grossly ignored. Therefore, there is no point wasting time. Instead, making friends with locals is a great way to find cheap transport and break the language barrier. Another option is to book transportation with a trusted cab service that specializes in Puerto Rico travel.

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Public transport is virtually non-existent

Public transport is virtually non-existent in this part of the world. The safest and most comfortable way to travel is to hire cabs or pre-book them. It also is the most comfortable way travel in San Juan.

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If you are heading to San Juan during the summer season, be prepared to counter the hot sun. Bring protective sun gear and stack up on loads of sunscreen.