Bucket list ideas for thrill seekers

While some people are more interested in the wonders of the world and sightseeing, others are on the constant look-out for the next thrill. Luckily, the world has a lot to offer – and especially to those with an open mind who are not afraid to experience the world from a helicopter, hanging upside-down, and enjoying the view.

These insider tips to the world will make you feel more than alive, get your heart pumping or scare you out of your wits – the choice is, as always, yours.

#1 Most Haunted Place: Eastern State Penitentiary

Seeking thrills don’t have to be the same as leaping from a bridge or swimming with sharks; although this may be equally scary, the horror is of a different kind. Pay a visit to the former prison in Pennsylvania if you’re into the paranormal and never shy away from a good ghost story.

It consistently ranks high up on any list of the most haunted places in the world and for good reasons; built in 1829, the prison was one of the first to use solitary confinement as rehabilitation for prisoners. They called it the Pennsylvanian system, though, and it was scrapped by 1913 due to the number of prisoners driven to insanity over the harsh method.

Paranormal experiences in this abandoned prison include shadowy figures that quickly seem to disappear as soon as someone approaches them, a certain dark figure in one of the towers and evil cackling from cell block 12. If this still isn’t enough to scare you away, you may as well drop by and check out the cackling for yourself.

#2 River Rafting: Zambezi River

When you’ve had enough ghost stories, it’s time for a bit of action. Whitewater river rafting is extremely popular these days and the perfect adventure for adrenaline loving nature freaks as ourselves. You can find great places to try this out all over the world, though, and you don’t have to stick to America to find great places.

Head to Zimbabwe, for example, experience the Victoria Falls while you’re at it, and soak yourself in adrenaline by rafting down the Zambezi river. If you’re not quite up for an African adventure, for some reason, you can check out this list over the ten best places for whitewater river rafting in this article.

#3 Bungee Jumping: Cape Town and Colorado

It’s one of those things you either really want to do or definitely don’t want to do. Those who love it tend to come back for more, and the highest bungee jump in the world is currently the one from Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, US, with its 321 meters fall. If you’re looking for the highest commercial bridge in the world, you can head to Western Cape’s Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa after your trip to Zimbabwe and enjoy the free fall of 216 meters.

The rush will leave you with a feeling like no other, and as one of the instructors on the Bloukrans Bridge said: when you make the leap, all of your problems disappear. It’s not that strange, come to think of it, as every cell in your organism believes that this is the end of everything – worrying about trivialities won’t be on the top of your list, to put it like that.

The world has so much more to offer, and it’s impossible to cover every exciting adventure in such a short article. You can find a good thrill in any part of the world, and adrenaline is found at the back of a dog sledge as much as hanging upside-down from a sturdy rope.