Exploring the Landscape of California

While a large part of the U.S. economy itself, the state of California is also geographically massive. Ranking in at the 3rd largest state in the union implies a varied landscape and California delivers on that front. Think of yourself as a city lover, California has plenty of options for you. Are the ski slopes and surrounding communities more what you dream of? Plenty of that in the northern half of the state. Can’t get enough of the beach-life? California has you covered too.

City Life

There are many great options for the urban dwellers looking to see all that California’s cities have to offer. For example, Sacramento and San Francisco are great options toward the middle of the state and either can be better for you depending on the field you work in and what your budget looks like. Looking to break into tech? San Jose might also be the perfect place to find your own corner of Silicon Valley.

Can’t get enough nightlife and entertainment? It’ll be hard to beat finding the perfect fit among all the Los Angeles apartments you can choose from. It’ll be as simple as figuring out which night clubs and restaurants are your favorites, and get that great apartment close by so the party never has to stop.

Glued to the Slopes

An outsider to the state might not realize it but, California has some of the best skiing in the United States because of that perfect mixture of snow and sunshine making for wonderful conditions that are sure to keep a smile on your face the entire way down the slope.  That combination allows for skiing and snowboarding like you wouldn’t believe is possible.

California absolutely keeps up with the other legendary skiing states. Surrounding Lake Tahoe alone there are 12 different resorts to ski and snowboard. Some larger than others, so just in that area alone it’ll be easy to find that perfect mountain for your skill level and interest.

Surfs Up

The snow might have surprised some, but it’s also jaw-dropping to learn that California has over 100 different beaches along its coast. That gives plenty of options to choose from, so whether you are looking for the party or something more quiet, places like Malibu or Cambria respectfully are sure to give you whatever beach experience you desire.

The water itself is stronger and more powerful which makes it better for surfing than on the east coast and something to certainly keep in mind if young ones are getting into the ocean for the first time.