Best places in the world for fishing? – Here’s our pick

If fishing is your hobby then you’ve no doubt spent many happy hours along the banks of your local rivers. Have you ever thought of taking a fishing holiday? There’s a whole world of fish out there and some amazing exotic places to go fishing.

So where’s the best places in the world for fishing? Here’s our pick of 6 amazing places to go fishing around the world and the fish you can catch there. Be sure to watch the video guides to help you make the most of your trip.

Migingo Island – The Nile Perch

Fishing for Nile PerchNile perch are voracious predators and that makes them ideal for sport fishing.  It means they will attack artificial lures, and also that they can grow to six feet long, making for dramatic trophy photographs.  The fish has had some dramatic effects on Lake Victoria’s ecosystem.  Out of vast Lake Victoria, why choose Migingo Island?  Because Migingo is in waters disputed between Kenya and Uganda—although Kenya seems to be winning. I think that could add some excitement to your fishing holiday!

Watch this great video on catching the Nile Perch.

Pulau Seribu, Indonesia – Milkfish

Best places to fish in the worldPulau Seribu means Thousand Island.  It’s a nice resort area near a major city (Jakarta) with gorgeous reefs perfect for diving and a haven for fish.  The milkfish is a flitting white specter, renowned as one of the most difficult fish to catch in the world. Its diet of plankton and algae makes it nigh impossible to tempt with a hook.  Catch one and you get respect from those in the know.  Bread is suggested as bait.

Here’s some useful advice on how to catch Milkfish

Northern Maine – Salmon, Trout, Bass, etc.

Trout fishing in Northern MaineThe lakes and rivers of northern Maine in North America are a great place for a fishing holiday. Besides the breathtaking views, you’ll also get the chance to catch Trout, Northern Pike and other cold water fish.

The Allagash river is a popular place to fish with plenty of combined canoe and fishing excursions available. You’ll be able to fish in multiple destinations while your guide takes care of getting you to the best spots.

Check out this great road trip video to see what you can expect from a fishing trip in Northern Maine.

Gibraltar – Gilt-head Bream

Gibraltar fishingTo my mouth, gilt-head bream are the tastiest fish in the world.  They’re meaty and have thick bones convenient for removal.  One sushi website describes the taste as “like a neat and clean daughter”. Lost in translation perhaps?!

The fish are found throughout the Mediterranean and Europe’s Atlantic coast.  The straits between the continents of Africa and Gibraltar is an excellent place for catching the Gilt-head Bream. You’ll also find a number of other “big game” fish here.

There’s some useful advice on catching Gilt-head Bream in this video

Cuba – Marlin

Marlin fishing in CubaMaybe a trite choice, but it’s a staple for any fisherman’s bucket list.  Read Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ about Santiago’s struggle with a marlin and the sad, poetic results.  The marlin makes for the most sporting fishing and the classic mantle decoration if you go to the trouble to stuff it and drag it back home!

Patagonia—Rainbow Trout

Best places to fish in the worldIt’s the generally acknowledged favorite for fly-fishers.  Standing around in rubber pants and flicking your tackle back and forth is a special kind of addiction.  Aficionados spend a lifetime dreaming of taking the trip down to Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego.

Junín de los Andes is considered one of the best places in Argentina for trout fishing. There’s a great range of accommodation here from back-to-nature camping expeditions to 5 star lodges. Personally the wilderness expeditions are the best as you’ll maximise your fishing time and have the beautiful rivers pretty much to yourself.

Useful tips for fishing by kayak

I have been doing boat fishing for quite some time in my life. I enjoy each and everything about it and thought it was the best possible way I could make a good catch and enjoy my adventure out in the water.

Close to a year ago, a friend of mine took me for kayak fishing, an experience I was very skeptical about. I just did not understand how someone would use a kayak for fishing. My first experience was mind-blowing, to say the least. We managed to fetch more fish than I normally do when I use my boat with less time.

It was an experience that actually made me consider kayak fishing and forget about boat fishing. I have been doing it ever since, never turning back. The question is why? Here are five reasons I love kayak fishing over boat fishing now.

  • Kayak fishing is far much economical as compared to boat fishing.
  • Kayaks offer more comfort to those fishing.
  • When looking for stealth, kayaks are the best.
  • Kayaks allow someone to access areas a boat cannot reach.
  • The casting angles for a kayak are better than those of a boat.
  1. Kayak fishing is economical

What makes kayak fishing cheaper than boat fishing is the fact that costs like fuel, storage, and insurance are out of the picture. As much as you will use a kayak for fishing, do not sell your boat, if you had one just yet.

This is because you can be using the boat once in a while to carry yourself and the kayak to places where paddling might be an issue. Just imagine an experience where you spend less, have more fun and fetch more. This is just any fisherman’s dream any day and any time.

Kayak Fishing

On top of that, there are some of the best fishing kayaks that comes in budget without any compromise with the quality and durability. That is something boat fishing does not offer as kayak fishing has to.

  1. Kayaking offer more comfort

Kayak fishing has a sense of comfort. In life, comfort is very important. It is very hard or even impossible for someone to be productive when they are uncomfortable. The modern kayaks used for fishing have comfortable seats that make you feel relaxed all day long as you continue fetching for fish. One of the things that impressed me the most with kayaks was the level of comfort.

This was something I never experienced while I was on my boat. A big change I have noticed is that after I got my kayak, I fish for longer hours than I used to when I used a boat.

  1. Kayaks provide excellent stealth

Stealth is very important when it comes to fishing. Every fisherman knows this very well. You do not want the fish to know that you are fetching them since they will escape. A kayak is less quiet and noticeable than a boat.

kayak fishing reasons to

For a boat, even a swing of the bow will alert the fish and they will all scatter. A kayak can slip into any kind of water body, be it big or small without being noticed. Another advantage is that you can make your kayak stealthier by adding some stealth rubbers around it.

  1. Kayaks can access areas boat cannot

Kayaks can access areas a boat cannot reach. Ever since I got my kayak, I have been fishing in the marsh and I have never even seen a single boat around that area. This is an advantage because you tend to mark your territory without even telling anyone. I love kayaks because I am not limited to where I can reach. A boat is quite big and so finding the space that can accommodate it in some cases becomes a challenge.

  1. Better casting angles

The casting angles for a kayak are better. You will find that in most cases when you are fishing from a boat, your cast tends to be perpendicular to the bank. On the other hand, when using a kayak you can have a major advantage just by placing it on the marsh grass.

From there, you can cast up the line of the grass and fetch easily from there. You will find that your lure tends to be in the red zone for longer periods than it would have been if you were using a boat. The casting angles really determine the catch rate.

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