Events Not To Miss In London This Winter

London is both in the literal and metaphorical senses, a real cool place to visit during the winter. It is a time when the crowds are less and you can enjoy travelling to the many events and programs that are organised at venues all over the city. Whether it is enjoying an evening at the cinema or attending a yoga class, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied.

And it is the season when you get the best hotel deals in London. With a fall in the number of hotel bookings during the winter, most of the hotels including some of the top luxury hotels offer their best prices and special discounted rates.

If you plan to spend a holiday in the city make the most of this opportunity and book your accommodation at Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London.  You will get to stay in a luxurious ambience, with the best of facilities, top notch customer service all at a very reasonable cost. And since you would be staying in Central London, you could visit the many events organised at this part of the year. Some of the events not to miss this winter include:

Try yoga at St. Stephen’s:

Winter is the time to stay warm and what better way than through attending yoga classes. While there are various yoga classes held all over the city, a limited number of them are for free. One such free yoga class is open to all people ranging from professionals to amateur yoga enthusiasts. There are mats provided and no advance booking is needed. Once the class is over coffee and tea will also be served to the participants, which will leave them feeling pretty warm and cheerful. The sessions are held early in the mornings and the venue is St Stephen’s Church located in Westminster.

Yoga Class

Drop in at the Winter Film Club:

If you are a movie buff then a visit to the Electric Theatre is definitely recommended. Its famous Rooftop Cinema Club is stepping indoors for a change this winter. That mean Peckham’s trendy albeit dilapidated Electric Theatre will undergo a complete transformation, with plush upholstery and great cocktails. A great place to visit and enjoy some of the best Christmas classics on screen!

Enjoy the Potted Panto:

This winter Potted Panto arrives back to the West End. After Harry Potter and the Potted Pirates, the trio of Clarkson, Turner and Hurst arrive back with a bang in Potted Panto. See them make a crazy dash through the panto favourites with funny costumes, role-swapping and cheap props that support their wacky knockabout style of storytelling. A very engaging and enjoyable way to see the artists as overgrown kids in a game, who make the rules in their performance, as they go along!

Try Yoga Glow:

Well yoga seems to be the in-thing that is for sure! It is popping up all over London at venues across the city. One such place is Yoga Glow held at Walthamstow where classes take place under colourful neon lights. It is the Vinyasa style of yoga and there also is an exhibition at the venue of Chris Bracey’s personal creations. Plus enjoy cake and tea after the sessions!

Attend the Risograph printing workshop:

There is a growing demand for risograph printing and you can learn about the finer points of this art in Shoreditch at the Liberia bookshop. There you will get an opportunity to try your hand at this unique style by printing fifteen A3 prints in two different colours. The materials are provided by the shop and you could even order for a chilled beer or two! You however need to book your spot in advance.

Enjoy the Magical Lantern Festival:

One of the most popular Chinese lantern festivals in London will be back at Chiswick House for the second year in 2017. With more than 50 Chinese lantern creations to admire and a massive fire rooster it is a great way to usher in the Chinese New Year.

Lantern Festival

Go to the Queens Ice and Bowl rink:

If you are the sporting type head out to the reopening of the Queens Ice and Bowl rink to try your hand at skating or bowling, followed by a sumptuous dinner. It is the only ice rink in the city that is permanent. It has been since the 1930, and recently underwent extensive renovation and refurbishment. This includes 17 bowling lanes and a spanking new ice rink, along with a pop-up eating joint from the pro of pop-ups in London, Jimmy Garcia.

Ice Rink

Enjoy the Society of Imaginary Friends Soiree:

It is a soiree with a difference that is a family-friendly show. It offers a platform to musicians, poets, comedians etc. to exhibit their latest artistic creations and materials. There also will be numerous short films that will be shown throughout the performance, along with DJs who will spin tracks between the programs. Later they will continue their musical soiree after the performances are over into the wee hours. Drinks and food can be bought from the bar and restaurant.

Drop in at the Canary Wharf Ice Rink:

On the subject of ice rinks, the rink at the financial district of Canary Wharf is surrounded by an impressive skyline of majestic skyscrapers that dominate the vista. And the facilities and additions at the ice rink complement its majestic surroundings. The theme chosen for this year is Luminocity. For this there are more than 8000 Led lights that are installed beneath the ice and will bathe skaters in warm colours. For those who would prefer to skip the skating rink there is a heated outdoor viewing platform and seasonal drinks will be served by the bar. So you could choose to either be a part of the action on the rink or be a part of the audience and enjoy watching the skaters hone their skills.