Europe’s Top 7 Historic Must-sees

If you’re planning a memorable trip to Europe, then chances are that some of the most historic sites on the continent are going to be on your bucket list. From charming ancient castles in Scotland to ancient ruins in Rome and centuries-old religious sites in Russia, choosing which ones you will definitely be visiting in the time that you have can be a tricky decision. So, we’ve put together a list of the seven historic must-sees in Europe to put on your itinerary.

Scottish Castles

Scotland is a firm favorite amongst travelers to Europe and it’s easy to see why; here you’ll find a stunning mixture of modern cities and quiet countryside areas that feel like they have stopped in time many years ago. If you like visiting castles then Scotland should certainly be on your European itinerary; no matter where you find yourself in the country, a castle is never far away. Edinburgh Castle, Braemar Castle, Balmoral Castle, Inveraray Castle, and Cawdor Castle are just some of the most famous, each with their own histories and stories to tell. Find out more about visiting Scotland here:

The Golden Ring of Russia

Whether or not you are a religious person, there’s no denying that the Golden Ring of Russia is an exciting and awe-inspiring attraction to visit. Many travelers say that visiting here is like going back in time and it’s true – this unique route features medieval Russian towns and an astonishing number of churches and monasteries that appear to have escaped most of the urban process. And, there are many local communities still living in the Golden Ring who still live the traditional way of life in their homes. Get inspired by Russia – start Golden Ring journey today.


Rome itself is known as a historical must-see, with a beautiful blend of modern city life and ancient history to explore. The city itself is easy to get around with reliable public transport and there are many hotels and hostels to choose from close to attractions at a reasonable price. If you enjoy ancient attractions then the Colosseum is a must-see; this oval amphitheatre is located at an underground station, offers tours throughout the day and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby.

The Vatican City

Another key historical site to visit whilst you are in Rome is the Vatican City; this country within its own right is the home of the Pope and offers full-day tours where you can explore the stunning architecture, artwork and gardens.


The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is a top destination for tourists and it’s easy to see why. Alongside plenty of shopping opportunities, there are also amazing historical sites to visit such as the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and the Charles Bridge.


This ancient Spanish city is one of the oldest – and coolest – destinations in the country. Formerly the Spanish capital, it has made an important contribution to Spanish history and heritage, and you’ll find plenty of religious symbols including both Catholic chapels and mosques. The historical center is an awesome place to explore, with a grand, open showcase of impressive landmarks that have been standing tall since the time of the Ancient Romans. As a city of three cultures – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – it’s easy to see how these have all made their mark on the city over the centuries.


The home of the European Parliament, Brussels is an important destination on the continent and also home to The Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has been around since the 13th century where it was used as a merchant’s market, and today visitors can enjoy the stunning, ornate baroque style and gothic guild houses. During the summer months you can enjoy a vibrant flower market every day, and the square is also host to many events and concerts all year around.

Which of these historical sites will you visit first?