European holidays for petrol heads

If you are a European race fan then there are many opportunities for fantastic holidays. Europe has a reputation for being host to some of the prime destinations for racing enthusiasts from all over the world. Here are a few to consider when planning your next holiday:

McLaren Technology Centre

This extensive centre is home to many of the greatest modern innovations on the Formula One racing circuit and is an essential destination for the serious petrol head. Located in Woking, UK, the centre is committed to pursuing the cutting edge of technological innovation in the motor sports industry. McLaren Automotive uses a state of the art wind tunnel to develop and test aerodynamic technologies. Honda motors also maintains experimental facilities on site.

McLaren Technology Centre


MTC WokingThe centre is truly stunning with its artificial lakes that are used to cool the heat generated by the processes of innovation. Antony Sheriff has been heavily involved with key motor sports innovations in his current position as managing director for McLaren Automotive. His previous experience at Fiat set him on a path to shine as an innovator at McLaren. An interview with Mr. Sheriff shows that his obsession with cars and the automotive world as a young man led him to a fun and rewarding career where he has truly made a difference.


The home of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone is a prime destination for the motor sports enthusiast. A weekend at Silverstone is something that you will want to share with your fellow petrol heads. Grab an extra ticket for a friend and enjoy the motor sports weekend of your dreams. This circuit is one of the classic stops that is easy to get to and can be fun for the whole family. It is quite easy to plan an exciting race weekend that everyone can enjoy and remember for many years to come.

Silverstone F1 GP


This historic track has its roots in the 1920s. It was lucky enough to survive World War II without devastating damage. It continues to be one of the premier mountain tracks in Europe. It was formerly used for Grand Prix races but is now mostly used for touring car races. The extreme terrain and turns makes this an exciting track to drive or observe. For fans of extreme tracks, Nurburgring is a track that should be experienced.


Packing the right gear and planning ahead

You don’t really need that much to enjoy a great European motor sports holiday. Make sure to pack plenty of versatile clothing and some sunscreen; you won’t want to spend much time inside but will rather be in the middle of all the action. A fancy hotel is not required to enjoy yourself on this type of holiday, since you simply won’t be spending that much time in it. Most important is planning ahead. You don’t want to count on race tickets being available even a week before a race, especially if it is a popular event. Purchasing ahead of time can mean not being disappointed later.