Should I travel solo? – Here’s why travelling alone might suit you.

Traveling solo can be a scary experience for some so it is super important to make some time to enjoy yourself,

When traveling, it is so important to enjoy the experience as best as you can – whether you are traveling as part of a group, as a duo or on your own. Finding new and exciting things to do when visiting somewhere new should be extremely easy to do but it can sometimes be difficult to find those things you will enjoy the most.

Here are some quick ideas for how you can enjoy yourself a little bit more when traveling solo. So if you’re asking “Should I travel solo?” this might help you.

Make New Friends

You won’t go through your whole time traveling without talking to another person so it is probable that you will make some new friends – or maybe even something more. It isn’t uncommon for people to come back from their travels abroad with a brand new best friend or at the beginnings of a brand new relationship.

solo travel advice

We can all access the internet in some way nowadays and there are many ways of finding people in your area, no matter where you are in the world. Signing up to a dating site to meet new people is always a great idea to meet those who have similar interests – meeting someone who is staying on the same island as you and knows the best local haunts can be great for getting you out and about.

Try New Things

You’re trying something new by going traveling by yourself and relying solely on you. You’re visiting brand new countries, brand new cities – so why not try new things that you probably wouldn’t have tried if you were back in your home country?

New things could mean a new hobby – some people take up extreme sports whilst traveling which they’d never consider at home – whilst some people take the opportunity to try new food, often sampling the local delicacies and opting to eat at the local independent eateries rather than choosing the big brand names that you can find worldwide. Whilst you might not always enjoy the new things you try, the thrill and buzz of trying something new cannot be beaten and at least it is another thing to tick off your list as you search for the thing you like doing or eating best.

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Keep Yourself Safe

One of the most important things to remember when traveling solo is making sure you are safe at all times. You will never be able to enjoy yourself if you are worried about your personal possessions being stolen or something happening to you just because you are alone.

Taking steps to make sure your personal possessions are secure and ensuring you stick to areas where you won’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere on your own are vital – feeling safe and secure as you make your way across the world will lead you to having a better time as you won’t have that stress or worry hanging over your head.

Search For Something Familiar

If traveling alone is starting to feel a little tiresome or you are considering heading back home before your trip is over as you just aren’t enjoying it anymore, consider searching for something familiar. Many people are now expatriates all over the world and you’ll often find a bar or accommodation that is specifically for expats – sometimes that little bit of familiarity is all you need to get that travel bug flaring once again.

It can be difficult to travel alone sometimes without anyone to talk to so it is important to seek out these types of places if feeling a little low. After all, traveling is meant to be an enjoyable experience, isn’t it?

Be Spontaneous

Whilst it is important to let family back home know of your plans so they can get hold of you in a crisis, the beauty of traveling alone is that you can generally be as spontaneous as you like. You aren’t tied to one place or any people – you can literally hop from island to island, country to country if you so wish,

Spontaneity gives you the opportunity to leave somewhere which isn’t making you happy in the hope of finding somewhere you enjoy a little more. Sometimes we’ve fulfilled all we can in one place – tried all the activities out that we want, tried all the new exciting food that we can manage. Sometimes we need that little bit of freshness to open up our eyes and get us enjoying our trip again – and going on our travels alone allows us that freedom to move as and where we wish within reason.

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Enjoying your travels is so important, especially when traveling alone, as you want to be able to feel that overwhelming sense of achievement that you’ve managed something amazing. Are there any tips you have for enjoying yourself as a lone traveler, to keeping that travel bug alive?