Earthly Employment! Ways To Earn Money While Traveling The Globe

Travel job ideasThere comes a time during a road trip where the trappings of life seem to escape you, and you don’t worry about things like money, at least for about 10 minutes! While you can spend a lot of time working and staying in your parents’ spare room to get the money you need to travel, some of us have found a way to earn money and travel at the same time.

Think about it, working in another country gives you a whole new angle of soaking up the culture, and not just as a tourist. However if you need to pay taxes in the USA, you can get help from an online tax expert wherever you are, whether you are in San Jose or any other US city. Here are some jobs to think about if you’re planning on spending a long time away from home.

Au Pair

The job that requires the least amount of training on this list, being an au pair has its challenges, especially if you’re not used to looking after children! But it’s a great way to spend time with a family native to your chosen country.

During the days you would be looking after the children and doing the housework, but you have the evenings free to do what you want as well as weekends. The family would provide you with everything, and you wouldn’t need to pay rent.

Ski Instructor

One of the first things people think of as a way to earn money while getting a vacation. It is to an extent, but it’s a lot of hard work to get to that point. There are complete ski instructor courses available lasting up to 15 weeks but are as short as 4 weeks, ensuring that you are getting your ideal amount of time outside in the beautiful snowy surroundings of peaks like the Alps.

It will also give you an incredible base of languages because you will need to learn a little bit of (almost) everything to get you by.   

Teaching English

A lot of people find that the best way to earn money in another country when they come from the western world is to do a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course and teach adults the language.

As you are no doubt fluent in English, it’s possibly the easiest qualification to get! The qualification doesn’t take long to get, and there is such a high demand for people to go out to countries to teach the language. As a way of experiencing a culture and earning a decent wage, there aren’t many better options.

Flight Attendant

And probably the most “career” oriented one here, being a flight attendant is the best way to travel the world. As long as you have some patience in dealing with customers, this is a great way to see every corner of the world for free. As part of the job, you will have many layovers in other countries so you can look at each one and decide where to go on your vacation. One of the perks of being a flight attendant is the discount you can get on flights for you and the other members of your family.