The Most Dog-Friendly Countries to Visit

taking you dog on holidayEven though we see big changes in people’s perception and attitude towards nature and animals, pet owners still face unfriendliness on the part of others. It is often problematic to pop in a café if you have a furry companion since many places prohibit bringing pets, even if they are well-behaved.

Thus, when planning a trip with a four-legged buddy, it is worth considering dog-friendly destinations where you can get the best out of your vacation and feel less stressed because of outdated rules. You should get ready for such an adventure beforehand.

It will not be superfluous to examine the taste of the wild dog food rating to treat your pet to something delicious, get all the required equipment such as a leash, and teach your travel buddy to the basic commands. Thus, it will be much easier for you to stay calm and get pleasure in public places.

Some countries encourage their citizens to get pets and treat them on equal par with other family members, so you have good chances to enjoy your joint vacation if you choose the right travel destination.


Many people know France for its picturesque landscapes, romantic capital, and delicious croissants, but it is also a paradise for dog admirers. So, if you are looking for a perfect getaway, it is a win-win option. Locals adore dogs, so it is not surprising they take them everywhere.

You can run into them in cafes, shops, markets, and even bars. If you are going to travel around the country by car, you will not face any problems with the police as well since everyone welcomes furry buddies.


Back in the days, rookies had to take training courses before owning their first dog. Even though this requirement has already become a part of history, locals still treat pet ownership extremely seriously.

If you have a well-mannered dog, you will like your journey and get the best out of it. Most places treat dogs as their special guests, so your buddy will get water and goodies.

Switzerland is a perfect getaway for hiking since you have a wonderful opportunity to explore the Alps and visit different scenic cities. Swiss airlines allow small breeds in the cabin, so if your buddy doesn’t have a large size, you will stay together during the whole flight.


If you are not ready to cross the ocean, you can go to Canada since it is one of the most dog-friendly countries. Even though they will hardly allow your companion to the fancy restaurants, you will still have a great time together.

The situation may vary depending on the city, but most can offer lovely dog parks where you will hardly get bored. If you want to make your trip unforgettable, it is worth hitting Vancouver since it can boast of eight dog-friendly beaches, many vacation rentals, unleash spaces, and picturesque places to visit.

Great Britain

You might not have expected to come across one of the most prudish countries on such a list, but the UK is considered a state of huge animal lovers. They allow you to take the dog to many places, whether it is about parks, museums, or cafes.

If your dog’s size is not too large, you can take it to the London Underground for free, but bear in mind that you will have to keep your furry friend on a leash and carry it while using the escalator. Thus, if you have always dreamed of visiting the foggy Albion, you can share this journey with your four-legged buddy.


Many people know Japan as a cat-friendly country, but a dog is considered a full-fledged family member here too, so you will have a wonderful experience taking your buddy to this country. It will not interfere with your plans to explore its sights since your companion will be allowed almost everywhere. You can go shopping together or even visit Tokyo Disneyland.

They provide amazing pet sitting services, so if you decide to go somewhere on your own, you can always turn to a skillful dog sitter. In general, the country’s authorities do their best to promote pet-friendly culture, so you will come across numerous dog parks and beaches suitable for visiting with pets.

However, make sure to study all the rules more carefully so as not to find yourself in trouble upon arrival.


If you find yourself in Europe and decide to visit one more country with your furry buddy, it is worth opting for Germany since it is one of the most pet-friendly countries globally. Almost all the places are available for visiting with pets, so you will be free to walk around a city and pop into any café you like. In general, Germany is a great example of how people should treat animals and take care of them. It is considered the biggest animal sanctuary on the continent.

The country provides tremendous opportunities to explore it together with your furry travel buddy. For example, if you find yourself in the capital, you can enjoy a cruise, walk through the city, and pop in more than 150 places with your furry pal. Besides, you will be able to use public transport together with your pet free of charge if it has a small size and stays in a carrier. Large breeds must be leashed and muzzled, and you will have to get a half-price ticket.