Do Young Kids Enjoy Traveling During the Holidays?

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Family vacations are meant to be fun for all, but are you sure that your children are also having a good time?

Many times your kids don’t have much of a choice in whether a vacation happens and what is done during the trip. While you might be having a great time yourself, don’t you want your kids to feel involved, too?

Several things can affect whether or not your child will enjoy a holiday vacation. If you’re taking to the road, be aware that there is an increase in car accidents during holiday seasons, which is sure to ruin a child’s experience.

Let’s take a look at what else will impact the enjoyment of holiday vacation for young kids!

Age Matters

The first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is how old your children are.

You might think that young kids (under the age of 10) will have fond memories of a holiday vacation. That usually isn’t the case at all.

Kids that are young need consistency in their life. They get attached to places, things, and routines that they know from their daily life.

While a vacation seems like an excellent chance to make memories, it can do more harm than good.

Children under the age of 5 don’t have a good chance of storing the memory and those between 5 and 10 need the consistency of their normal routine.

Try not to go on a holiday vacation with kids that are younger than 10. Teenagers have a much better opportunity to enjoy traveling because they’re old enough to remember it and appreciate new experiences.

Input is Critical

Another factor to consider is that input from your children is incredibly important to ensure that they’re having a good time.

It can be easy for you to plan a vacation based on what you enjoy, but that doesn’t always mean that your kids will enjoy it too.

This means that you should ask your kids what they want to do and what sounds fun to them. You can even ask them if they’re interested in going on vacation in the first place.

Asking direct questions is a great way to understand what your kids want. If you can’t get a clear answer from them, consider their interests and what they enjoy doing.

Use this information to shape a holiday vacation that accommodates their needs and desires for fun.

Itinerary Must Be Fun and Relaxed

Once you know what will allow your child to enjoy a vacation, you’ll need to make sure your itinerary reflects this.

Schedule activities based on their interests and remember that they have different ideas about what is fun.

While this means that you might not get to enjoy adult-oriented activities, would you be able to have a good time if your kids can’t participate or find it boring?

When you have children, your life changes and it isn’t about you anymore. It’s important to focus on keeping them happy, which is crucial to keeping your vacation pleasant.

In addition to fun activities, you need to make sure that everything is relaxed and laid back. Scheduling too much can overwhelm your kids and have the reverse effect than what is intended.

You should strike a nice balance between fun and leisure. This can be made easier by frequently asking your kids how they’re doing.

Don’t be afraid to take breaks and cut things short. An unhappy kid makes for an unpleasant vacation!

Limiting Stress is Crucial

One last thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your stress levels managed.

Your children are incredibly perceptive and they’ll certainly notice if you’re not calm and relaxed.

If you want to make sure that your kids are enjoying themselves, then you need to have a good time, too. This means not worrying about things that go wrong and being proactive about keeping your emotions in check.

Vacations can certainly be stressful, especially if they involve seeing relatives and in-laws. As a parent, you set an example for your children and your mood will directly play into theirs!

Focus on taking deep breaths and remember that your vacation is meant to be enjoyed. Nothing is worth stressing about and it will only make your kids feel uncomfortable!

Closing Thoughts

Holiday vacations can be fun and memorable, but there’s no guarantee that your kids will have a good time.

Young children under the age of 10 are likely too young to fully enjoy the experience. They also won’t be able to have much of a say in what happens, which won’t be fun for them.

Craft your itinerary based on the interests of your kids and make it a point to focus on them. Emphasize relaxing and make an effort to keep your stress levels in check.

If you’re diligent about keeping all of this in mind, then you’ll go a long way towards making sure that your kids enjoy themselves on holiday vacation!