Australian life vs English life – The differences

Sure, the language is the same (almost) and the fashion styles are similar. Kind of!

So, when you are traveling to Australia what are the real differences when compared with England?

Surprisingly, there is, so much in fact that the follow information only touches on some of the most basic tips, designed to help smooth your transition Down Under.

So Australian life vs English life, what are the differences?

Weather Conditions

Let’s start with the weather. This is an important consideration, especially when it comes to knowing what to pack for your travels. The conditions in the two countries often oppose one another. England can be rather dark, damp, and comfortably familiar while Australia is known for its harsher environmental conditions.  It helps to keep in mind that tanning is less acceptable in AU because of the ozone hole, so lay off the tanning (either fake or real).

Weather in Australia

While a good deal of time in the UK is spent indoors, Australians are known for the time spent out-of-doors, participating in sports and exploring the terrain. Fashion usually reflects this laid-back lifestyle. Laid-back looks and trends that you can usually find at Australian retail shops like Connor are all about adapting well to climate and environmental changes and thus offer a wide variety. Keep in mind that the sun does not always shine in Australia! So plan ahead, check the forecasts and prepare for some cooler days and possible rain.

Television, Movies, and Music

UK loves the telly, from the X Factor to celebrity styles; there is always something to discuss. While Australia has its own brand of television, mostly a combination of American and British shows, the TV is not quite as pivotal a point as in the UK. Likewise, while British movies often top the international charts, the popularity of the Australian movie industry seems to wax and wane.

Australian TV shows

While the 1970s and 1980s did bring some hits, there have been few highlights, accepting some key actresses and actors! Moreover, England set the world on fire with rock and roll hits from the Beatles and Rolling Stones while Aussie music tends toward Irish tradition in sound and politics.

Lets take a little break for some fun. Check out this awesome video on Aussie slang from the Travelling Weasels.

Shopping and Food

Australia has two primary chains of supermarkets and prices tend to be somewhat less competitive; therefore, dining out costs about the same as eating at home. While foods tend to be similar, basic fare includes potatoes, eggs, bread, beef, milk, sheep and fish and chips; Australian cuisine draws on elements from native cultures, giving many of the dishes a fusion flare.

Australian Cuisine

In addition, when you access the credit card machines in Australia, you will need to select from a specific account, and it helps to understand saving, credit, and cheque options ahead of time.  As far as shopping for clothes and luxuries, both Sydney and Melbourne offer a variety of truly exciting shopping experiences.

Sydney shopping options

General Lifestyle

Sydney, specifically, represents a very relaxed attitude; it is heaps good, but…  This brings us to the final point. There are many slight differences in phraseology and accents. For example, many words that mean one thing in the UK mean something else in Australia, and vice versa (words such as “soccer” in AU means “European football,” but in the UK the word for this would be simply “football”).

Aussie Rules Football has to be experienced at least once. If you’re wondering what makes Aussie Football different check out this video guide!

The real fun comes in exploring, appreciating, and enjoying the culture differences, the small as well as the larger variations… While both countries have their unique charms, there is no place else on the planet quite like the land down under!