Destinations For Watersports Lovers 2021

Many take advantage of their holidays or vacations to rest and recharge their batteries. Sports enthusiasts are always looking for adventure and adrenaline. However, this allows them to discover at the same time destinations that are improbable for some and incredible for others. If you too are a true fan of water sports, and want to travel the land to fully live your passion, discover the best destinations in the world that you absolutely must discover. It is exciting to pack your bags and buy all the necessary accessories for your trip. Good shoes and clothing is a must. Of course travel backpacks with all the gear you need, including whistles, water bottles and more. Naturally, you also need a good watch, one you can keep on you at all times, even in the water. You may want to look at a diving watch for example.


The European continent is full of magnificent destinations which will delight athletes. Greece is one of them. In this country you can indulge in most water sports. Sailing, diving, wake-boarding, kite-surfing or surfing, you will be spoiled for choice. If you want a whole different adventure, put on a mask and snorkel to conquer the underwater world. For scuba diving, head to the Ionian Islands, Crete, Sporades and Dodecanese. Magnificent weather, superb waves to tame, incredible flora and fauna, Greece is sure to please you. Not only that but it offers plenty of history too, so you can change up your activities and spend some time wandering the sites of the island you choose – or of course on mainland Greece which is also a spectacular and overlooked part of the country.


To fill up with adrenaline during a stay in Croatia, it is in Markasha that it will be necessary to go. This destination is popular with fans of scuba diving, snorkeling or not. The region is not very windy, you can also test the joys of parasailing. Moreover, Markasha is still relatively unknown to the general public, so you can spend a pleasant holiday in a very calm atmosphere. Croatia is also a really beautiful, rich country, full of Italian charm and also perfectly situated on the Mediterannean.

United Arab Emirates

Do you want to make great discoveries in a completely different universe? Apply without further delay for your visa for the United Arab Emirates. This country is full of magnificent spots to indulge in water sports. In Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, many nautical disciplines are in the spotlight: jet skiing, scuba diving, fishing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, etc. This destination is therefore simply perfect to fill up with adrenaline. Take advantage of your stay in the country to discover other nautical activities all along the Persian Gulf.


Surfing enthusiasts meet every year in Australia to challenge waves, sometimes very powerful. Stretching for hundreds of kilometers, the Australian coasts are the delight of water sports enthusiasts. In addition to surfing, you can also go scuba diving. Australia is not only a sportsman’s paradise, it is also a destination for all kinds of nature adventures.