Countries Where You Should See the Sunrise

What could be better than sunrise? This magnificent moment pleases the inhabitants of the whole planet every day. But what if you live in a stone jungle and are constantly busy? Then every day is a routine for you.

Take a vacation and travel. Each country has unique landscapes and attractions. But the most interesting phenomenon is the sunrise.

You will be surprised when your feelings are different. Here is a list of countries and places you should visit to see the sunrise.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

What could be better than majestic mountain peaks, which are older than everything created by people’s hands? When you see the ancient cliffs and the magnificent water surface, then the time seems to stop for you. The difference in temperature and reflections from the snowy peaks will make the sunrise even better for you. Prepare to see warm, slightly reddish light reflecting in the water.

Besides, you can rent a boat and sail on the lake. As a rule, tourists can expect a huge amount of fog in the morning. This will allow you to feel a certain mysticism of this place. If you can’t go to Wyoming because of your education routine, write to someone, “I’m ready to pay someone to do my assignment.” This saves you from tons of paperwork.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country with distinctive people and beautiful savannas. Due to its proximity to the equator, the local sunrise is one of the most breathtaking tourist attractions. Thanks to the optical illusion, it will seem to you that the burning orange circle is much closer than it really is.

Plan a jeep trip and visit one of the national parks. You are guaranteed to have fun watching the sunrise over the horizon and show off its bright orange rays. It looks slightly intimidating and mesmerizing. Either way, you should get that kind of travel experience.

Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island

Easter Island is an amazing place. Scientists still cannot understand who and with the help of what technologies such large statues were created. Who partially immersed them in the ground? Besides, the local landscapes will amaze you with their pristine nature and tranquility.

This is the place where mysticism and serenity merged into one. But sunrise is the most interesting part of the trip that you shouldn’t miss. Imagine that you are sitting on a perfectly clean sandy beach and see the bright yellow sun rising over fifteen ancient statues. This is an unforgettable experience. If you stand nearby, you will feel like a small grain of sand in a huge ocean.

Skogafoss, Iceland

Iceland is an amazing land of volcanoes, moss plains, waterfalls, and wildlands. Rent a car and get to any major hill. Typically, sunrise in Iceland has a typical gentle yellow color.

If you observe this phenomenon near the waterfall, you can also see a rainbow. In many ways, this country is popular thanks to the Viking legends. Millions of people visit Iceland to see ancient settlements, but it’s better if you get up early in the morning and enjoy nature. This is the best way to relieve stress and be alone.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Many people know about Vietnam thanks to films about the war with the United States. But you shouldn’t associate this country exclusively with violence. Vietnam is now one of the most popular tourist destinations. Mysterious jungle and wild hills are the places where you can see interesting historical relics. But it is best if you start your trip from Halong Bay. Rent a small boat and swim closer to the rocks.

This is the best place to watch the sunrise. A beautiful pale red glow and light fog on the water will create a mystical atmosphere for you. This is the best moment to reconnect with nature and meditate. Forget about resting only in the hotel and visiting restaurants. Nature can give you much more positive emotions.

Cape Hillsborough, Australia

Australia is another country you should visit. There are plenty of places to relax and explore. Start your trip with a visit to Cape Hillsborough Park. Here you can enjoy an orange-purple sunrise, see endemic plants, and even feed a kangaroo. This type of entertainment is provided in case you want something more than just contemplation of nature. But even a passive resting on the beach will bring you positive emotions.

Come to the coast at 4 AM while there is no one there. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit and take a coffee mug with you. Sunrise will bring you a lot of positive emotions and many new photos for your collection. But you should know in advance that the flight to Australia will take a long time. Plus, you need a couple of days to acclimatize. But it’s worth it to watch the sunrise every day.