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What to Do in Costa Rica’s South Pacific Region

Costa Rica is beautiful from one end to the other, but as you go from the north to the south, you’ll find significant differences between the regions. Of course, they’re all beautiful, but each region has its own special quirk. Thus, the north is popular for its amazing beaches, the central region is the place any surfer has to visit, while the south is all about biodiversity and the wildlife.

So, if you’ve had enough of crowds and just want to spend a little time in nature, recharging your batteries before you get back to the hustle and bustle of your daily life, then there’s no better region to do it than in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Two great places to stay are the neighboring towns of Uvita and Dominical, and here are some ideas on what you can do while you are there.

Visit Marino Ballena National Park

Not only can you enjoy a spot of whale watching at Marino Ballena National Park, which is a massive national park located in Uvita, but you can also see how land imitates wildlife. This is because there’s a specific area where 2 beaches come together and form a landmass shaped like the tail of a whale, which can only be seen during low tide. So, it seems that nature is trying to tell us twice that this is a whale-friendly area seeing as this particular spot is also the best place to see humpback whales from.

Check out Nauyaca Waterfalls

Nauyaca Waterfalls is a stunning waterfall and one of the most well-known and visited in all of Costa Rica. It’s not easy getting there as it does require a 4km hike, but it’s worth it because the route is just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the waterfall itself. If you’re really not in the mood to hike, you have the option of taking a horseback riding tour. Regardless of which option you go with, you’ll definitely have quite a bit of fun in the jungle considering that once you get to the waterfall, you can go swimming, soak up the sun on the rocks or even jump off the waterfall itself.

Go Diving in the Cano Island Biological Reserve

The Cano Island Biological Reserve offers one of the most amazing diving experiences you’ll ever have, which is why it’s considered the best diving area in Cost Rica. The sheer volume and variety of marine life will stun you and there’s even stuff for you to do while you’re not diving as the area is famous for the pre-Columbian artifacts that can be found there.

Day trips are available to the island that leave from Uvita. It’ll take about 90 minutes to get there by boat, which leaves from Marino Ballena National Park. You’ll be able to dive for a few hours and then enjoy some amazing scenery on the way back as the boat travels along the coast. You’ll be able to see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, white tip reef sharks and a wide range of fish while you are diving at Cano Island.

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica offers a lot and even if it isn’t as popular as other, more touristy areas, it’s definite worth a visit. You’ll find plenty to do in the area and there’s nothing like relaxing in the lovely town of Uvita to really recharge your batteries.

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