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Can you live in an RV? (Infographic)

Years ago, RVing was more popular among the older individuals. For many seniors, retirement is all about travel after all. They travel around the world or – for a cheaper option – sometimes drive around the country in their mobile homes, stop wherever and whenever they like.

Nowadays however, the demographic of RV buyers has started to change. While there are still many older RVers on the road, the world sees younger couples owning RVs. In fact, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the biggest group of buyers is somewhere between 35 and 54 years old.  These younger couples are still in the working world and nowhere near retirement, but see the RV lifestyle as an epic adventure.

According to surveys, the main reasons people give up living in a traditional home is because of the flexibility of living in an RV. One can choose to live wherever you want – be it by the beach, mountains, desert or anywhere else. Another stated reason is being able to stop taking normal things for granted. Unless you have a strong RV phone signal booster, it’s quite difficult to stream movies or upload videos – something that you might not have thought of in a traditional home with steady Internet connection.

Ultimately, more and more people entering the RV lifestyle and this infographic can give you more information on that.