Confused About Shopping Abroad – Here Is What You Need To Know

For some people real travelling means to visit the hottest and most visited attractions, for some it is all about food and some like to relax in a scenic view around. But there is one more category of globetrotters who love to shop and their trips are not complete without visiting the most wanted malls, night and weekend markets, road side stalls and carts.

It is something elevating and thrilling when you shop abroad but it does some with its pros and cons. People who are used to fixed prices back home fall prey to haggling and consistent bargaining which is quite a turn off. You remain indecisive either to buy it or not, is it even worth the price and for that reason it makes it really hazardous to decide if you have found a real gem.

We have come up with tips and tricks to equip you with some mandatory information to avoid meaningless bargaining, fakes and negotiations which do not lead to a fruitful result. Have a look!



If you are visiting that country for the first time, how do you decide that the deal you are getting or the bag you have your eyes on are genuine and worth the price? It is quite a difficult aspect to decide then and there. So what you got to do is to research, research and research before getting your hands on something and regretting it later on.

A good guide book can be your savior which tells authentic facts and figures, shops and marketplaces to shop from. Another option can be consulting the concierge at your hotel or the local visitors’ bureau who can direct you towards legitimate shops to make a purchase from. If none of it works then internet is your best friend.


No matter wherever you are travelling, you will need to understand the bargaining culture of that place. Try to make it a fun and friendly activity. Never turn it into an attack on your ego or get angry even if it is not going in your favor. At the end of the deal, it is important that both you and the shopkeeper should be content about the deal and it should be a win-win situation. It is advisable to shop through a credit card so that you can deal with it wisely if it turns out to be fake when you get home.

Be it a piece of art, clothing items, ex expensive Rolex watch like gmt master ii or a house hold item do your research beforehand. Roam around in the market, ask for prices at different shops but do not buy immediately.


Originally habitual shoppers keep an adequate amount of space for their purchases, they carry lesser weight from home so that they can get their shopped stuff with an ease without the hassle of worrying about baggage weight issues.

Moreover, if the merchant is supposed to ship the item to your home country then purchase insurance for your purchase, pay through the credit card and get a receipt that mentions all the items and how will they be shipped.

On the other hand if you are taking the items yourself, pack them accordingly, labeling them with the contents of the package indicating either to be handled with care. You can take the help of your hotel concierge or the local post office can be of great help. Viola! You are all good to receive your package back home.