7 Tips For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Getting ready to climb the world’s highest walkable mountain? Kilimanjaro climbing is certainly an exciting experience, but one that you need to spend some time preparing for.

It can be physically challenging and draining, and many climbers don’t actually manage to reach the summit.

Read on for 10 tips to help you successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Make sure you pick the right route for you

There’s a total of 7 Mount Kilimanjaro routes to choose from.

7 Mount Kilimanjaro routes

They differ in terms of length, difficulty, and scenic beauty. Research the routes extensively before you pick one and choose the one that is most suitable for your experience, and offers the best chance to reach the summit.

This video is well worth watching to see just what you can expect.

Prepare your body

Even if you consider yourself to be in good shape, a trek like this will require some physical training. Go for outdoor hikes in the months leading up to your climb, preferably breaking in the hiking boots you plan to wear during.   

Kilimanjaro trekking

Prepare your mind

Let’s face it, climbing Kilimanjaro is not going to be easy. Your body will suffer in some form or another and you are likely to experience discomfort at some point. Just prepare yourself mentally, enjoy the experience, and remind yourself how amazing it will feel when you reach the top! 

Pack all the essential items you need, but pack light

Whether you decide to hire a porter or not, you shouldn’t bring a bag that weighs more than 15  kilograms with you. Pack only what is absolutely essential, there’s a useful packing guide here.

kilimanjaro travel information

Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout

Whether you feel thirsty or not, you need to drink a lot more water than normal while climbing Kilimanjaro. In fact, drinking up to 5 litres of water a day is recommended. This is because your body dehydrates much quicker at higher altitudes.

Kilimanjaro climbing guide

Listen to your body

Like many others who have climbed Kilimanjaro, you’re likely to experience some level of altitude sickness. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the symptoms in the hopes that it’ll just go away. Carry altitude sickness medicine with you and nip it in the bud.  If you simply ignore it, it’ll just get worse the higher you climb.

kilimanjaro camping and trekking

Pack some snacks

Whichever Kilimanjaro tour operator you choose, feeding you at least 3 times a day should be part of their services. But, how will you cope with the inevitable hunger pangs between meals? You’ll want to keep your energy levels up, so bring some light snacks along. Bring a mix of sweet and savoury snacks that are protein rich and are known to boost energy.  

Capture your experience

Carrying a camera (or camera phone) is an absolute must. Though you want to be present in the experience there and then, you’ll also want to share some of the stunning scenic beauty you see with friends and family back home. Remember to bring spare batteries for your camera!

kilimanjaro climbing information

Finally, remember to have fun and really soak in this incredible experience

Enjoy this amazing experience and savour the beauty around you.

We love this fantastic video montage. Watch it to get excited about your Kilimanjaro trip!

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